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Kate A. Ayers, MS

Kate A. Ayers, MS

  • Manager, Cancer Education Program


Kate is a native of Memphis. She received a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Theology from Union University and a Master in Biomedical Research from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, where she focused on structure-based drug discovery. Her graduate thesis research was completed in the Structural Biology department of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Prior to coming to St. Jude, Kate was the 7th grade Life Science teacher at Hutchison School.

The St. Jude Cancer Education Program is an outreach initiative of the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Comprehensive Cancer Center that aims to educate the general public about the basic science of cancer formation, treatment and prevention. Specifically, the St. Jude Cancer Education team partners with schools and school districts to develop holistic, evidence-based policies and programs that enhance science and health education for all students.

While current efforts of the program are focused primarily at the local level, the Cancer Education Program plans to expand internationally through the Department of Global Pediatric Medicine by working with partner institutions and organizations to develop culturally relevant educational programs that promote pediatric cancer awareness in the general public.