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Sherif Abdelhamed, PhD

Sherif Abdelhamed, PhD

  • Staff Scientist



Postdoctoral - Pediatric Cancer Biology, Oregon Health & Science University, OR
PhD - University of Toyama, Japan
MSc - Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University, Egypt
Pharmacy BSc - Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University, Egypt

Honors & Awards

  • 2017-2019  Oregon Medical Research Foundation
  • 2016  Collins Medical Trust Research Grant
  • 2015  Ichiro Kanehara Foundation Fellowship
  • 2014  Takeda Science Foundation Fellowship
  • 2012-2014  Rotary Yoneyama Memorial Foundation Scholarship
  • 2011  Otsuka Toshimi foundation Scholarship

Research Interests

  • Defining the molecular mechanisms underlying the genomic alterations in myeloid malignancies pathogenesis.  
  • Genome engineering and lentiviral expression approaches in hematopoietic stem cells to investigate myeloid malignancies.
  • Genetically engineered mouse models and patient-derived xenograft for the functional assessment of Acute Myeloid Leukemia and Myelodysplastic Syndrome progression.
  • Coupling of clinical genomic information and materials with the experimental approaches to help improve outcomes in children with cancer.

Selected Publications

Full list of publications on PubMed

Thomas ME 3rd #Abdelhamed S (co-first author), Hiltenbrand R, Schwartz JR, Sakurada SM, Walsh M, Song G, Ma J, Pruett-Miller SM, Klco JM. Pediatric MDS and bone marrow failure-associated germline mutations in SAMD9 and SAMD9L impair multiple pathways in primary hematopoietic cells. Leukemia Mar 3, 2021. equal contribution.

Abdelhamed S, Butler J, Doron B, Halse A, Nemecek E, Wilmarth P, Horton T, Kurre P. Extracellular vesicles impose quiescence and confer DNA-damage on residual HSC in the AML niche. EMBO Reports Jul;20(7):e47546, 2019.

Doron B, Abdelhamed S, Butler J, Hashmi S, Horton T, Kurre P. Transmissible ER Stress Reconfigures the AML Bone Marrow Compartment. Leukemia Apr;33(4):918-930, 2018.

Hosseini M, Kurtz S, Abdelhamed S, Mahmood S, Davare M, Kaempf A, Elferich J, McDermott J, Liu T, Payne S, Shinde U, Rodland K, Mori M, Druker B, Singe J, Agarwal A. Inhibition of interleukin-1 receptor-associated kinase-1 is a therapeutic strategy for acute myeloid leukemia subtypes. Leukemia Nov;32(11):2374-2387, 2018.

Hornick N, Doron B, Abdelhamed S, Huan J, Harrington C, Shen R, Cambronne X, Verghese SC, Kurre P. AML exosomes directly suppress residual hematopoiesis through specific microRNA action on the transcription factor c-myb. Science Signaling Sep 6;9(444):ra88, 2016.

Abdelhamed S, Ogura K, Yokoyama S, Saiki I and Hayakawa Y. AKT-STAT3 pathway as a downstream target of EGFR signaling to regulate PD-L1 expression on NSCLC cells. Journal of Cancer 7(12):1579-1586, 2016.

Abdelhamed S, Kurre P. Hope and hype surrounding circulating microRNA as potential next generation AML biomarkers. Leukemia Research 39(12):1309-1311, 2015.

Abdelhamed S, Yokoyama S, Refaat A, Ogura K, Yagita H, Awale S, Saiki I. Piperine Enhances the Efficacy of TRAIL-based Therapy for Triple-negative Breast Cancer Cells. Anticancer Research 34(4):1893-1899, 2014.

Lirdprapamongkol K, Sakurai H, Abdelhamed S, Yokoyama S, Athikomkulchai S, Viriyaroj A, Awale S, Ruchirawat S, Svasti J, Saiki I. Chrysin overcomes TRAIL resistance of cancer cells through MCL-1 downregulation by inhibiting STAT3 phosphorylation. Int Journal of Oncology 43:329-337, 2013.

Last update: April 2021