Hans Haecker, MD, PhD
Hans Haecker MD, PhD

Hans Haecker MD, PhD

Associate Member, St. Jude Faculty



MD – Albert Einstein University Ulm, Germany (1995)
PhD – Technical University of Munich, Germany (2000)
MD – Technical University of Munich, Germany (2001)

Research Interests

  • Signal transduction of members of the Toll-like- and TNF-receptor family in innate immune cells
  • CD40- and BAFFR-mediated signaling pathways in B-cells and B-cell malignancies
  • Definition and Function of novel Influenza Virus - Host protein interactions
  • Generation of Hematopoetic in-vitro cell differentiation systems based on Hox genes

Selected Publications

Häcker H, Chi L, Rehg J E, Redecke V. NF-κB-inducing kinase (NIK) prevents the development of hypereosinophilic syndrome (HES)-like disease in mice independent of IKKα activation. J Immunol May 1; 188 (9), 2012.

Zhou J, Wu R, High AA, Slaughter CA, Finkelstein D, Rehg JE, Redecke V, Häcker H. A20-binding inhibitor of NF-κB (ABIN1) controls Toll-like receptor-mediated CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein β activation and protects from inflammatory disease. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA Nov 1;108(44):E998-1006, 2011.

Stempin CC, Chi L, Giraldo-Vela JP, High AA, Häcker H, Redecke V. The E3 ubiquitin ligase mindbomb homolog 2 (Drosophila) (MIB2) controls B-cell CLL/lymphoma 10 (BCL10)-dependent NF-{kappa}B activation. J Biol Chem Oct 28;286(43):37147-57, 2011.

Kirschnek S, Vier J, Gautam S, Frankenberg T, Rangelova S, Eitz-Ferrer P, Grespi F, Ottina E, Villunger A, Häcker H, Häcker G. Molecular analysis of neutrophil spontaneous apoptosis reveals a strong role for the proapoptotic BH3-only protein Noxa. Cell Death and Differentiation Jun 10, 2011.

Garrison SP, Thornton JA, Häcker H, Webby R, Rehg JE, Parganas E, Zambetti GP, Tuomanen EI. The p53-Target Gene Puma Drives Neutrophil-Mediated Protection against Lethal Bacterial Sepsis.PLoS Pathog Dec 23;6(12):e1001240, 2010.

Woehrl B, Klein M, Rupprecht TA, Schmetzer H, Angele B, Häcker H, Häcker G, Pfister HW, Koedel U. CXCL16 contributes to neutrophil recruitment to cerebrospinal fluid in pneumococcal meningitis. J Infect Dis Nov 1; 202(9):1389-96, 2010.

Lemessurier K, Häcker H, Tuomanen E, Redecke V. Inhibition of T-cells Provides Protection Against Early Invasive Pneumococcal Disease. Infect Immun Dec; 78(12):5287-94, 2010.

Koedel U, Frankenberg T, Kirschnek S, Obermaier B, Häcker H, Paul R, Häcker G. Apoptosis is essential for neutrophil functional shutdown and determines tissue damage in experimental pneumococcal meningitis. PLoS Pathog May; 5(5):e1000461, 2009.

Wang H, Matsuzawa A, Brown SA, Zhou J-R, Forbes K, Häcker H, Karin M, Vignali DAA. In vivo analysis of non-degradative protein ubiquitylation with a monoclonal antibody specific for lysine 63-linked polyubiquitin. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA Dec 23; 105 (51):20197-202, 2008.

Frankenberg T, Kirschnek S, Häcker H, Häcker G. Phagocytosis-induced apoptosis of macrophages is linked to uptake, killing and degradation of bacteria. Eur J Immunol Jan; 38(1):204-15, 2008.

Into T, Inomata M, Nakashima M, Shibata KI, Häcker H, Matsushita K. Regulation of MyD88-dependent signaling events by S-nitrosylation retards Toll-like receptor signal transduction and initiation of acute-phase immune responses. Mol Cell Biol Feb; 28(4):1338-47, 2008.

El Kasmi KC, Smith AM, Williams L, Neale G, Panopolous A, Watowich SS, Häcker H, Foxwell BM, Murray PJ. Cutting edge: A transcriptional repressor and corepressor induced by the STAT3-regulated anti-inflammatory signaling pathway. J Immunol Dec 1; 179(11):7215-9, 2007.

Wang GG, Calvo KR, Pasillas MP, Sykes DB, Häcker H, Kamps MP. Quantitative production of macrophages or neutrophils ex vivo using conditional Hoxb8. Nature Methods 3:287-293, 2006. (News and Views, Nature Methods 3:248-249, 2006.)

Häcker H, Redecke V, Blagoev B, Kratchmarova I, Hsu LC, Wang GG, Kamps MP, Raz E, Wagner H, Häcker G, Mann M, Karin M. Specificity in TLR Signaling through Distinct Effector Functions of TRAF3 and TRAF6. NatureJan 12; 439(7073):204-7, 2006. Epub 2005 Nov 23. (Featured article,AfCS Nature Dec, 2005; News and Views, Nature Immunolog, 7:15-16, 2006; Leading edge/ Immunology Select, Cell 124:5, 2006.)

Häcker H, Redecke V, Blagoev B, Kratchmarova I, Hsu LC, Wang GG, Kamps MP, Raz E, Wagner H, Häcker G, Mann M, Karin M. Specificity in TLR Signaling through Distinct Effector Functions of TRAF3 and TRAF6. Nature 439(7073):204-7, Jan 12, 2006;. Epub 2005 Nov 23. (Featured article, AfCS Nature, Dec 2005; News and Views, Nature Immunology Jan 7, 2006; Leading edge/ Immunology Select, Cell 124, Jan, 2006.)

Kirschnek S, Ying S, Fischer SF, Häcker H, Villunger A, Hochrein H, Hacker G. Phagocytosis-induced apoptosis in macrophages is mediated by up-regulation and activation of the Bcl-2 homology domain 3-only protein Bim. J Immunol Jan 15;174(2):671-9, 2005.

Amir RE, Häcker H, Karin M, Ciechanover A. Mechanism of processing of the NF-kappaB2 p100 precursor: identification of the specific polyubiquitin chain-anchoring lysine residue and analysis of the role of NEDD8-modification on the SCF(beta-TrCP) ubiquitin ligase. Oncogene Apr 1; 23(14):2540-7, 2004.

Redecke V, Häcker H, Datta SK, Fermin A, Pitha PM, Broide DH, Raz E. Activation of TLR2 induces a Th2 immune response and promotes experimental asthma. J Immunol 172 (5), 2004.

Seegmüller I, Häcker H, Wagner H. IL-4 regulates IL-12 p40 expression post-transcriptionally as well as via a promoter-based mechanism. Eur J Immunol 33 (2):428-433, 2003.

Häcker H, Fürmann C, Wagner H, Häcker G. Caspase-9/-3 Activation and Apoptosis Are Induced in Mouse Macrophages upon Ingestion and Digestion of Escherichia coli Bacteria. J Immunol169(6):3172-9, 2002.

Ahmad-Nejad P, Häcker H, Rutz M, Bauer S, Vabulas RM, Wagner H. Bacterial CpG-DNA and lipopolysaccharides activate Toll-like receptors at distinct cellular compartments. Eur J Immunol32(7):1958-68, 2002.

Bauer S, Kirschning CJ, Häcker H, Redecke V, Hausmann S, Akira S, Wagner H, Lipford GB. Human TLR9 confers responsiveness to bacterial DNA via species-specific CpG motif recognition. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 98(16):9237-42, 2001.

Vabulas RM, Ahmad-Nejad P, da Costa C, Miethke T, Kirschning CJ, Häcker H, Wagner H. Endocytosed HSP60s use toll-like receptor 2 (TLR2) and TLR4 to activate the toll/interleukin-1 receptor signaling pathway in innate immune cells. J Biol Chem 276(33):31332-9, 2002.

Häcker H, Vabulas RM, Takeuchi O, Hoshino K, Akira S, Wagner H. Immune Cell Activation by Bacterial CpG-DNA through Myeloid Differentiation Marker 88 and Tumor Necrosis Factor Receptor-Associated Factor (TRAF)6. J Exp Med 192:595-600, 2000.

Vabulas RM, Pircher H, Lipford G, Häcker H, Wagner H. CpG-DNA Activates in vivo T Cell Epitope Presenting Dendritic Cells to Trigger Protective Antiviral Cytotoxic T Cell Responses. J Immunol 164(5):2372-8, 2000.

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Häcker H, Mischak H, Häcker G, Eser S, Prenzel N, Ullrich A, and Wagner H. Cell type-specific activation of Mitogen Activated Protein Kinases by CpG-DNA controls Interleukin-12 release from Antigen Presenting Cells. EMBO J 18:6973-6982, 1999.

Häcker H, Mischak H, Miethke T, Liptay S, Schmid R, Sparwasser T, Heeg K, Lipford GB, and Wagner H. CpG-DNA-specific activation of antigen-presenting cells requires stress kinase activity and is preceded by non-specific endocytosis and endosomal maturation. EMBO J 17:6230-6240, 1998.

Heeg K, Sparwasser T, Lipford GB, Häcker H, Zimmermann S, Wagner H. Bacterial DNA as an evolutionary conserved ligand signalling danger of infection to immune cells. Eur J Clin Microbiol Infect Dis 17, 464-469, 1998.

Sparwasser T, Miethke T, Lipford G, Erdmann A, Häcker H, Heeg K, Wagner H. Macrophages sense pathogens via DNA motifs: induction of tumor necrosis factor-alpha-mediated shock. Eur J Immunol 27, 1671-1679, 1997.

Sparwasser T, Miethke T, Lipford G, Borschert K, Häcker H, Heeg K, Wagner H. Bacterial DNA causes septic shock. Nature 386, 336-337, 1997.

del Val M, Hengel H, Häcker H, Hartlaub U, Ruppert T, Lucin P, Koszinowski UH. Cytomegalovirus prevents antigen presentation by blocking the transport of peptide-loaded major histocompatibility complex class I molecules into the medial-Golgi compartment. J Exp Med 176, 729-738, 1992.

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