Jennifer Harman, PhD

Jennifer Harman, PhD

  • Staff Psychologist



Postdoctoral Training - Yale University, Child Study Center
APA Accredited Internship - Yale University, Child Study Center
PhD - University of Florida
MEd – University of Florida
BA – University of Memphis

Clinical Interests

  • Cognitive, social, emotional, and adaptive functioning
  • Family-centered care
  • Young child prevention and intervention services

Selected Publications

Peck K, Harman JL, Anghelescu DA. Family and peer-group substance abuse as a risk-factor: Opioid misuse behaviors from a young adult with cancer-related pain- a case study. Journal of Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology  2017.

Willard VW, Cox LE, Russell KM, Kenney A, Jurbergs N, Molnar AE, Harman J. Cognitive and psychosocial functioning of preschool-aged children with cancer. Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics 2017.

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Last update: December 2017