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Patricia Urcuyo Llanes

Patricia Urcuyo Llanes

  • Project Coordinator, Metrics and Performance Program

Patricia Urcuyo Llanes is Project Coordinator for the Metrics and Performance Program for Global Pediatric Medicine. She studied Political Economy and Development at the University of Michigan, earning a dual degree in International Studies and Political Science.

Through frequent visits to Nicaragua growing up, Patricia witnessed first-hand the resource inequality that income disparity creates. However, observing her aunt’s fundraising and mobilization efforts, she also saw the impact that just one person can make. Since a young age, Patricia’s intrinsic motivation has been to work on projects that improve people’s lives.

She brings a diverse professional perspective gained through her experience working in automotive and food manufacturing industries, private equity, logistics and health care startups. In her current role as a Project Coordinator in the Metrics and Performance program in Global Pediatric Medicine, her focus is the implementation and proliferation of the St. Jude Global Pediatric Oncology Facility Integrated Local Evaluation (PrOFILE) tool.