Andrew E. Molnar Jr., PhD

Andrew E. Molnar Jr., PhD

  • Pediatric Neuropsychologist



Fellowship (Postdoctoral Pediatric Neuropsychology) – St. Louis Children’s Hospital
Internship (Predoctoral Psychology) – Texas Children's Hospital
PhD – Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
MA – Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
BA – DePauw University

Clinical Interests

  • Cognitive outcomes in pediatric cancer patients
  • Neuropsychological functioning in preschool children
  • Early predictors of learning disabilities
  • Executive function assessment and intervention

Selected Publications

Jung, E, Molfese V, Beswick J, Jacobi-Vessels J, Molnar A. Growth of cognitive skills in preschoolers: Impacts of sleep habits and learning-related behaviors. Early Education and Development 20(4);713-731, 2009.

Molfese VJ, Molfese DL, Beswick JL, Jacobi-Vessels J, Molfese P, Molnar A, Wagner MC, Haines BL. Event related potentials to identify language and reading skills. Topics in Language Disorders28(1);28-45, 2008.

Molfese VJ, Beswick J, Molnar A, Jacobi-Vessels J, Gozal D. The impacts of sleep duration, problem behaviors and health status on letter-knowledge in pre-kindergarten children. Child Health and Education 1(1);41-53, 2007.

Molfese V, Beswick J, Molnar A, Jacobi-Vessels J. Alphabetic skills in preschool: a preliminary study of letter naming and letter writing. Developmental Neuropsychology 29(1);5-19, 2006.

Molfese V, Modglin A, Beswick J, Neamon J, Berg S, Berg J, Molnar A. Letter knowledge, phonological processing and print awareness: skill development in non-reading preschool children.Journal of Learning Disabilities 39(4);296-305, 2006.

Last update: January 2015