Peter J. Murray, PhD
Peter J. Murray, PhD

Peter J. Murray, PhD

Member, St. Jude Faculty



PhD – University of Melbourne/Walter & Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research (1991)

Research Interests

The innate immune response has two major functions: the early recognition and response to pathogen invaders of all varieties and the subsequent and ongoing optimization of the adaptive (T and B cell-mediated) immune response that is ultimately responsible for the elimination of pathogens and the development of memory. The innate immune response is subject to an extraordinarily complex series of regulatory events to maximize anti-pathogen responses but also to constrain the deleterious effects of innate immune response-driven inflammation. We study the regulatory events that control the innate immune response. Specifically, we focus on macrophage activation and deactivation because these cells are principally responsible for driving inflammation in a plenitude of infections and other chronic and acute diseases.

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Selected Publications

Van de Velde LA, Gingras S, Pelletier S, Murray PJ. Issues with the specificity of immunological reagents for murine IDO1. Cell Metab 23(3): 389-390, 2016.

Ginhoux F, Schultze JL, Murray PJ, Ochando J, Biswas SK. Perspective: New insights into the multi-dimensional concept of macrophage ontogeny, activation and function. Nature Immunol 17(1): 34-40, 2016.

Murray PJ. Amino acid auxotrophy as a system of immunological control nodes. Nature Immunol 17(2): 132-139, 2016.

Kratochvill F, Gratz N, Qualls JE, Van de Velde LA, Chi H, Kovarik P, Murray PJ. Tristetraprolin limits inflammatory cytokine production in tumor-associated macrophages in an mRNA decay independent manner. Cancer Res 75(15):3054-3064, 2015. doi: 10.1158/0008-5472. CAN-15-0205.

Kratochvill F, Neale G, Haverkamp JM, Van de Velde LA, Smith AM, McEvoy J, Rousse MF, Dyer MA, Qualls JE, Murray PJ. TNF counterbalances the emergence of M2 tumor macrophages. Cell Rep 12(11):1902-1914, 2015.

Haverkamp JM, Smith AM, Weinlich R, Dillon CP, Qualls JE, Balouzian L, Neale G, Koss B, Kim Y, Bronte V, Green DR, Opferman JT, Murray PJ. Myeloid-derived suppressor activity is mediated by monocytic lineages maintained by continuous inhibition of extrinsic and intrinsic death pathways. Immunity 41(6):947-959, 2014.

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Qualls JE, Neale G, Smith AM, Koo MS, Defreitas AA, Zhang H, Kaplan G, Watowich SS, Murray PJ.Arginine usage in mycobacteria-infected macrophages depends on autocrine-paracrine cytokine signaling. Sci Signal 3(135):ra62, 2010.

Pesce JT, Ramalingam TR, Mentink-Kane MM, Wilson MS, El Kasmi KC, Smith AM, Thompson RW, Cheever AW, Murray PJ*, Wynn TA*. Arginase-1-expressing macrophages suppress Th2 cytokine-driven inflammation and fibrosis. PLoS Pathog 5(4):e1000371, 2009. *Equal corresponding authors.

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