Robert J. Ogg, PhD
Robert J. Ogg, PhD

Robert J. Ogg, PhD

Associate Member, St. Jude Faculty

  • Chief, Translational Imaging Research Division




BS – Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia
MS – George Washington University, Washington, DC
PhD – University of Virginia, Charlottesville

Research Interests

  • Biomedical NMR Imaging and Spectroscopy
  • Functional Neuroimaging
  • Brain Function in Survivors of Catastrophic Diseases of Childhood
  • Diagnostic Imaging in Pediatric Oncology 

Selected Publications

Barb SM, Rodriguez-Galindo C, Wilson MW, Phillips NS, Zou P, Scoggins MS , Li Y, Qaddoumi I, Helton KJ, Bikhazi G, Haik BG, Ogg RJ. Functional Neuroimaging to Characterize Visual System Development in Children with Retinoblastoma. Investigational Ophthalmology and Visual Science 52:2619-2626, 2011.

Broadway J, Ogg RJ, Scoggins MA, Sanford RA Patay Z, Boop FA. Diffusion Tensor Imaging Improves Planning for Resection of Thalamopeduncular Astrocytomas of Childhood. J Neurosurg Pediatrics 7:589-595, 2011.

Hua C, Merchant TE, Gajjar A, Broniscer A, Zhang Y, Li Y, Glenn GR, Kun LE, Ogg RJ. Brain tumor therapy-induced changes in normal appearing brainstem measured with longitudinal diffusion tensor imaging. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol, 2011.

Zou P, Helton KJ, Smeltzer M, Li CS, Conklin HM, Gajjar A, Wang WC, Ware RE, Ogg RJ. Hemodynamic responses to visual stimulation in children with sickle cell anemia. Brain Imaging and Behavior 5(4):295-306, 2011.

Gibson P, Tong Y, Robinson G, Thompson M, Currle DS, Eden C, Hogg T, Martin J, Lee Y, Zindy F, Finkelstein D, Pounds S, Patay Z, Scoggins MA, Ogg RJ, Lindsey JC, Gutmann DH, Boop FA, Sanford RA, Gajjar A, Clifford SC, Roussel M, McKinnon PJ, Taketo MM, Ellison DW, Wechsler-Reya R, Gilbertson RJ. Subtypes of medulloblastoma have distinct developmental origins. Nature, 2010.

Palmer SL, Reddick WE, Glass JO, Ogg R, Patay Z, Wallace D, Gajjar A. Regional white matter anisotropy and reading ability in patients treated for pediatric embryonal tumors. Brain Imaging Behav March 9, 2010.

Morris EB, Phillips NS, Laningham FH, Patay Z, Gajjar A, Wallace D, Boop F, Sanford R, Ness KK, Ogg RJ. Proximal dentatothalamocortical tract involvement in posterior fossa syndrome. Brain 132(11):3087-3095, 2009.

Ogg RJ, Laningham FH, Clarke D, Einhaus S, Zou P, Tobias ME, Boop FA. Passive range of motion functional magnetic resonance imaging localizing sensorimotor cortex in sedated children Clinical article. J Neurosurg Pediatrics 4(4)317-322, 2009.

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Iftekharuddin KM, Zheng J, Islam MA, Ogg RJ. Fractal-based brain tumor detection in multimodal MRI. Applied Mathematics and Computation 207(1):23-41, 2008.

Conklin HM, Li C, Xioing X, Ogg RJ, Merchant TE. Predicting Change in Academic Abilities after Conformal Radiation Therapy for Localized Ependymoma. Journal of Clinical Oncology 26(24):3965-3970, 2008.

Zhang Y, Zou P, Butler RJ, Mulhern RK, Laningham FH, Ogg RJ. Brain Structural Abnormalities in Survivors of Posterior Fossa Brain Tumors: a Voxel-Based Morphometry Study Using Free-Form Deformation. NeuroImage 42(1):218-229, 2008.

Islam A, Iftekharrudin KM, Ogg RJ, Laningham FH, Sivakumar B. Multifractal modeling, segmentation, prediction and statistical validation of posterior fossa tumors. Proceedings of SPIE 6915: 2008 (in press).

Helton KJ, Weeks JK, Phillips NS, Zou P, Kun LE, Khan RB, Gajjar AJ, Fouladi M, Li C-S, Ogg RJ. Diffusion tensor imaging of brainstem tumors: axonal degeneration of motor and sensory tracts. J Neurosurg Pediatrics 1(4):270-276, 2008.

Ogg RJ, Zou P, Allen DN, Hutchins SB, Dutkiewicz RM, Mulhern RK. Neural Correlates of a Clinical Continuous Performance Test. Magn Reson Imag 26(4):504-512, 2008.

Laningham FH, Kun LE, Reddick WE, Ogg RJ, Morris EB, Pui CH. Childhood central nervous system leukemia: historical perspectives, current therapy, and acute neurological sequelae. Neuroradiology 49(11):873-888, 2007.

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Krasin MJ, Xiong X, Reddick WE, Ogg RJ, Hoffer FA, McCarville B, Kaste SC, Spunt SS, Navid F, Davidoff AM, Zhang  L, Kun LE, Merchant TE. A Model Predicting Radiation-Induced Quantitative Changes in the Magnetic Resonance Signal Characteristics in the Muscle of Children Over Time. Magnetic Resonance Imaging 24:1319-1324, 2006.

Shan ZY, Parra C, Ji Q, Ogg RJ, Zhang Y, Laningham FH, Reddick WE. A digital pediatric brain structure atlas from T1-weighted MR images. Med Image Comput Comput Assist Interv Int Conf Med Image Comput Comput Assist Interv 9(2):332-339, 2006.

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Zou P, Mulhern RK, Butler RW, Li C-S, Langston JW, Ogg RJ. BOLD Responses to Visual Stimulation in Childhood Cancer Survivors. NeuroImage 24(1):61-69, 2005.

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