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Tegan Reeves, PhD

Tegan Reeves, PhD

  • Project Coordinator, Culture and Communication


Tegan Reeves joins the St. Jude Global Culture and Communications team with a background in program and project development; communication and international relations; and mixed-methods community- and resilience-based research. 

As a professional, focused on embodied learning, Tegan has 10 years of project/program management experience and 23 years of diverse teaching experience spanning 14+ countries.  Locally, she provides mind-body education and teaches psychology classes at Rhodes College.

Tegan joined St Jude in the department of Epidemiology in 2019 after completing her PhD in and post-doctoral fellowship in Educational Psychology & Counseling at the University of Memphis. There she designed a belief metric/instrument for mind/body research and founded an interdisciplinary consortium dedicated to community-based resilience. Prior to graduate school Tegan was the Executive Director of the International All-Star Federation (and U.S. All-Star Federation) where she ran the World Championship for All Star Dance and wrote the rules and sanctioning guidelines used to promote safety and fair-play world-wide.  Born in Nairobi Kenya and a dual citizen of the UK and US, Tegan is dedicated to the mission of bringing St Jude to the world.