Mikhail Doubrovin, MD, PhD
Mikhail Doubrovin, MD, PhD

Mikhail Doubrovin, MD, PhD

Associate Member, St. Jude Faculty




MD – Russian State Medical University (Pirogov Rossijskyi Gosudarstvennyi Meditsinskyi Institut), Moscow, Russia (1994)
PhD – Research Institute for Pediatric Hematology, Moscow, Russia (1999)
DS – Federal Research Center of Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Immunology, Moscow, Russia (2006)

Research Interests

  • Development of PET-radiotracer imaging approaches to guide the targeting of high-precision external beam radiotherapy
  • Use of quantitative radiotracer imaging–based approaches to assess treatment progress and results
  • Adoption of novel radiopharmaceuticals for imaging brain tumors, distinguishing them from post-treatment changes, and assessing neurocognitive consequences of pediatric cancer treatment
  • Imaging of interactions of immune system components in the process of the immune response to cancer and the immune system reconstitution following systemic anti-cancer therapy

Selected Publications

Doubrovin M, Che JT, Serganova I, Moroz E, Solit DB, Ageyeva L, Kochetkova T, Pillarsetti N, Finn R, Rosen N, Blasberg RG. Monitoring the induction of heat shock factor 1/heat shock protein 70 expression following 17-allylamino-demethoxygeldanamycin treatment by positron emission tomography and optical reporter gene imaging. Mol Imaging 11(1):67-76, 2012.

Barker JN, Doubrovina E, Sauter C, Jaroscak JJ, Perales MA, Doubrovin M, Prockop SE, Koehne G, O'Reilly RJ. Successful treatment of Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)-associated post-transplant lymphoma after cord blood transplant using third-party EBV-specific cytotoxic T-lymphocytes. Blood 116(23):5045-5049, 2010.

Doubrovin M, Kochetkova T, Santos E, Veach DR, Smith-Jones P, Pillarsetty N, Balatoni J, Bornmann W, Gelovani J, Larson SM. (124)I-iodopyridopyrimidinone for PET of Abl kinase-expressing tumors in vivo. J Nucl Med 51(1):121-129, 2010.

Serganova I, Moroz E, Vider J, Gogiberidze G, Moroz M, Pillarsetty N, Doubrovin M, Minn A, Thaler HT, Massague J, Gelovani J, Blasberg R. Multimodality imaging of TGFβ signaling in breast cancer metastases. FASEB J 23(8):2662-2672, 2009.

Gade TP, Koutcher JA, Spees WM, Beattie BJ, Ponomarev V, Doubrovin M, Buchanan IM, Beresten T, Zakian KL, Le HC, Tong WP, Mayer-Kuckuk P, Blasberg RG, Gelovani JG. Imaging transgene activity in vivo. Cancer Res 68(8):2878-2884, 2008.

Doubrovin M, Doubrovina ES, Zanzonico P, Sadelain M, Larson SM, O'Reilly RJ. In vivo imaging and quantitation of adoptively transferred human antigen-specific T cells transduced to express a human norepinephrine transporter gene. Cancer Res 67(24):11959-11969, 2007.

Che J, Doubrovin M, Serganova I, Ageyeva L, Beresten T, Finn R, Blasberg R. HSP70-inducible hNIS-IRES-eGFP reporter imaging: response to heat shock. Mol Imaging 6(6):404-416, 2007.

Moroz MA, Serganova I, Zanzonico P, Ageyeva L, Beresten T, Dyomina E, Burnazi E, Finn RD, Doubrovin M, Blasberg RG. Imaging hNET reporter gene expression with 124I-MIBG. J Nucl Med 48(5):827-836, 2007.

Ponomarev V, Doubrovin M, Shavrin A, Serganova I, Beresten T, Ageyeva L, Cai C, Balatoni J, Alauddin M, Gelovani J. A human-derived reporter gene for noninvasive imaging in humans: mitochondrial thymidine kinase type 2. J Nucl Med 48(5):819-826, 2007.

Pal A, Glekas A, Doubrovin M, Balatoni J, Namavari M, Beresten T, Maxwell D, Soghomonyan S, Shavrin A, Ageyeva L, Finn R, Larson SM, Bornmann W, Gelovani JG. Molecular imaging of EGFR kinase activity in tumors with (124)I-labeled small molecular tracer and positron emission tomography. Mol Imaging Biol 8(5):262-277, 2006.

Mayer-Kuckuk P, Doubrovin M, Bidaut L, Budak-Alpdogan T, Cai S, Hubbard V, Alpdogan O, van den Brink M, Bertino JR, Blasberg RG, Banerjee D, Gelovani J. Molecular imaging reveals skeletal engraftment sites of transplanted bone marrow cells. Cell Transplant 15(1):75-82, 2006.

Zanzonico P, Koehne G, Gallardo HF, Doubrovin M, Doubrovina E, Finn R, Blasberg RG, Riviere I, O'reilly RJ, Sadelain M, Larson SM. [(131)I]FIAU labeling of genetically transduced, tumor-reactive lymphocytes: cell-level dosimetry and dose-dependent toxicity. Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging 33(9):988-997, 2006.

Balatoni JA, Doubrovin M, Ageyeva L, Pillarsetty N, Finn RD, Gelovani JG, Blasberg RG. Imaging herpes viral thymidine kinase-1 reporter gene expression with a new (18)F-labeled probe: 2'-fluoro-2'-deoxy-5-[(18)F]fluoroethyl-1-beta-d-arabinofuranosyl uracil. Nucl Med Biol 32(8):811-819, 2005.

Mayer-Kuckuk P, Gade TP, Buchanan IM, Doubrovin M, Ageyeva L, Bertino JR, Boskey AL, Blasberg RG, Koutcher JA, Banerjee D. High-resolution imaging of bone precursor cells within the intact bone marrow cavity of living mice. Mol Ther 12(1):33-41, 2005.

Che J, Doubrovin M, Serganova I, Ageyeva L, Zanzonico P, Blasberg R. hNIS-IRES-eGFP dual reporter gene imaging. Mol Imaging 4(2):128-136, 2005.

Minn AJ, Kang Y, Serganova I, Gupta GP, Giri DD, Doubrovin M, Ponomarev V, Gerald WL, Blasberg R, Massague J. Distinct organ-specific metastatic potential of individual breast cancer cells and primary tumors. J Clin Invest 115(1):44-55, 2005.

Choi SR, Zhuang ZP, Chacko AM, Acton PD, Tjuvajev-Gelovani J, Doubrovin M, Chu DCK, Kung HF. SPECT imaging of Herpes simplex virus type1 thymidinie kinase gene expression by [123I]FIAU. Acad Radiol 12:798-805, 2005.

Doubrovin M, Serganova I, Mayer-Kuckuk P, Ponomarev V, Blasberg RG. Multimodality in vivo molecular-genetic imaging. Bioconjug Chem 15(6):1376-1388, 2004.

Doubrovina ES, Doubrovin M, Lee S, Shieh JH, Heller G, Pamer E, O'reilly RJ. In vitro stimulation with WT1 peptide-loaded Epstein-Barr virus-positive B cells elicits high frequencies of WT1 peptide-specific T cells with in vitro and in vivo tumoricidal activity. Clin Cancer Res 10(21):7207-7219, 2004.

Doubrovin M, Ponomarev V, Blasberg RG. PET-based reporter gene imaging. Assessment of endogenous molecular-genetic events. IEEE Eng Med Biol Mag 23(4):38-50, 2004.

Soghomonyan SA, Doubrovin M, Pike J, Luo X, Ittensohn M, Runyan JD, Balatoni J, Finn R, Tjuvajev JG, Blasberg R, Bermudes D. Positron emission tomography (PET) imaging of tumor-localized Salmonella expressing HSV1-TK. Cancer Gene Ther 12(1):101-108, 2005.

Serganova II, Doubrovin M, Vider J, Ponomarev V, Soghomonyan S, Beresten T, Ageyeva L, Serganov A, Cai S, Balatoni J, Blasberg R, Gelovani J. Molecular imaging of spatial heterogeneity and temporal dynamics of hypoxia-induced HIF-1α signal transduction activity in tumor cells and in living mice. Cancer Res 64(17):6101-6108, 2004.

Gade TP, Spees WM, Le HC, Zakian KL, Ponomarev V, Doubrovin M, Gelovani JG, Koutcher JA. In vivo 5-fluorouracil and fluoronucleotide T1 relaxation time measurements using the variable nutation angle method. Magn Reson Med 52(1):169-173, 2004.

Ponomarev V, Doubrovin M, Serganova I, Vider J, Shavrin A, Beresten T, Ivanova A, Ageyeva L, Tourkova V, Balatoni J, Bornmann W, Blasberg R, Gelovani Tjuvajev J. A novel triple modality reporter gene for whole body fluorescent, bioluminescent and nuclear non-invasive imaging. Eur J Nucl Med 31(5):740-751, 2004.

Doubrovina ES, Doubrovin M, Vider E, Sisson RB, O'Reilly RJ, Dupont B, Vyas YM. Evasion from NK cell immunity by MHC class I chain-related molecules expressing colon adenocarcinoma. J Immunol 171(12):6891-6899, 2003.

Doubrovin M, Ponomarev V, Serganova I, Soghomonian S, Myagawa T, Beresten T, Ageyeva L, Sadelaine M, Koutcher J, Blasberg RG, Gelovani Tjuvajev JG. Development of a new reporter gene system –dsRed/XPRT – xanthine for molecular imaging of processes behind the intact blood brain barrier. Mol Imaging 2(2):93-112, 2003.

Doubrovin M, Doubrovina E, Koehne G, Ivanova A, Ponomarev V, Balatoni J, Shavrin A, Beattie B, Beresten T, Guerrero J, Bornmann W, Finn R, Koehne G, Larson SM, Sadelain M, Blasberg RG, O’Reilly RJ, Gelovani Tjuvajev JG. Long-term monitoring of migration and targeting of genetically modified antigen specific cytotoxic T-lymphocytes with positron emission tomography. Nat Biotechnol 21(4):405-413, 2003.

Ponomarev V, Doubrovin M, Serganova I, Beresten T, Vider J, Shavrin A, Ageyeva L, Balatoni J, Blasberg R, Gelovani Tjuvajev J. Cytoplasmically retargeted HSV1-tk/GFP reporter gene mutants for optimization of non-invasive molecular-genetic imaging. Neoplasia 5(3):245-54, 2003.

Mayer-Kuckuk P, Doubrovin M, Gusani NJ, Gade T, Balatoni J, Akhurst T, Finn R, Fong Y, Koutcher JA, Larson S, Blasberg R, Gelovani Tjuvajev J, Bertino JR, Banerjee D. Imaging of drug-modulated transgene expression in xenografts of human liver metastases of colorectal cancer in living rats. Eur J Nucl Med 30(9):1281-1291, 2003.

Gelovani Tjuvajev J, Doubrovin M, Akhurst T, Cai S, Balatoni J, Alauddin M, Finn R, Bornman W, Conti P, Blasberg R, Thaler H. Comparison of radiolabeled nucleoside probes (FIAU, FHBG, and FHPG) for PET imaging of HSV-tk gene expression. J Nucl Med 43(8):1072-1083, 2002.

Mayer-Kuckuk P, Banerjee D, Malhotra S, Doubrovin M, Iwamoto M, Akhurst T, Balatoni J, Bornmann W, Finn R, Larson S, Fong Y, Gelovani Tjuvajev J, Blasberg R, Bertino JR. Cells exposed to antifolates show increased cellular levels of proteins fused to dihydrofolate reductase: A method to modulate gene expression. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 99(6):3400-3405, 2002.

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