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Program Faculty

Infectious Disease Therapeutics Training Program

Once accepted as a fellow in the Infectious Disease Therapeutics Training Program, you will work with the Research Faculty to select a laboratory for your postdoctoral research. Research Faculty include internationally recognized basic and translational faculty members working in a broad range of infectious disease-related areas including Infectious Diseases, Structural Biology, Chemical Biology and Therapeutics, and Immunology.

During your fellowship, you will also interact extensively with Clinical Collaborators and Training Collaborators.  Clinical Collaborators oversee the clinical, translational and international aspects of the program and offer expertise in clinical trials, patient care, infectious disease subspecialty training and international medicine. Training Collaborators offer expertise in small molecule screening and assay development, diagnostics, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), pharmacokinetics and vaccine design.

  1. Research Faculty

  2. Clinical Collaborators

  3. Training Collaborators