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Austin M. Faught, PhD
Austin M. Faught, PhD

Austin M. Faught, PhD

Assistant Member, St. Jude Faculty



BA – Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio
PhD – M.D. Anderson Cancer Center UT Health Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Houston, Texas
Residency – Duke University Medical Center, Durham, North Carolina
Postdoctoral Research Fellowship – University of Colorado Denver-Anschutz Medical Campus, Denver, Colorado

Research Interests

  • Relationship between proton LET and late effects in pediatric patients
  • Development and implementation of a Monte Carlo second check system for proton therapy dose calculations
  • Applications of Artificial Intelligence in radiation oncology
  • Computational research

Selected Publications

Kaluarachchi M, Moskvin V, Pirlepesov F, Wilson L, Xie F, Faught AM. Automation of Monte Carlo-based treatment plan verification for proton therapy. JACMP 2020 (in press).

Ashcraft K, Hannan J, Eichenbaum G, Zhang X, Pak E, Faught AM, Patel P, Dewhirst M, Koontz B. Clarifying the relative impacts of vascular and nerve injury that culminate in erectile dysfunction in a pilot study using a rat model of prostate irradiation and a thrombopoeietin mimetic. IJROBP 103(5):1212-1220, 2019.

Hsu C, Li Y, Han Y, Eljovich L, Sabin N, Abuelem T, Torabi R, Faught AM, Hua C, Klimo P, Merchant T, Lucas J. Automatic image processing pipeline for tracking longitudinal vessel changes in magnetic resonance angiography. J Magn Reson Imaging 2019.

Faught AM, et al. Functional-Guided Radiotherapy Using Knowledge-Based Planning. Radiotherapy and Oncology 129(3):494-498, 2018.

Vinogradskiy V, Faught AM, Castillo E, Castillo R, Guerrero T, Miften M, Liu A. Using 4DCT-Ventilation to Characterize Lung Function Changes for Pediatric Patients Getting Thoracic Radiotherapy. JACMP 19(5):407-412, 2018.

Vinogradskiy V, Rusthoven C, Schubert L, Jones B, Faught AM, Castillo R, Castillo E, Gaspar L, Kwak J, Waxweiler T, Dougherty M, Stevens C, Miften M, Kavanaugh B. Interim analysis of a two institution, prospective, clinical trial of 4DCT-ventilation-based functional avoidance radiation therapy. IJROBP 102(4):1357-1365, 2018.

Hong J, Cui Y, Patel B, Rushing C, Faught AM, Eng J, Higgins K, Yin F, Das S, Czito B, Willett C, Palta M. Interim FDG-PET imaging during chemoradiation for squamous anal canal carcinoma. IJROBP 102(4):1046-1051, 2018.

Faught AM, et al. Development of a Monte Carlo Multiple Source Model for Inclusion in a Dose Calculation Auditing Tool. Med Phys 44:4943-4951, 2017.

Faught AM, et al. Development of a Flattening Filter Free Multiple Source Model for Use as an Independent, Monte Carlo, Dose Calculation, Quality Assurance Tool for Clinical Trials. Med Phys 44:4952-4960, 2017.

Faught AM, et al. Evaluating the toxicity reduction with CT-ventilation functional avoidance radiotherapy. IJROBP 99(2):325-333, 2017.

Waxweiler T, Schubert L, Diot Q, Faught AM, Stuhr K, Castillo R, Castillo E, Guerrero T, Rusthoven C, Gaspar L, Kavanagh B, Miften M, Vinogradskiy Y. A complete 4DCT-ventilation functional avoidance virtual trial: Developing strategies for prospective clinical trials. JACMP 18(3):144-152, 2017

Faught AM, et al. Evaluating which dose-function metrics are most critical for functional-guided radiotherapy with CT ventilation imaging. IJROBP 99(1):202-209, 2017.

Faught AM, Adamson J. Protocol for improved flood field calibration of TrueBeam FFF cine imaging. JACMP 18(1):265-268, 2017.

Faught AM, et al. Re-examining TG-142 recommendations in light of modern techniques for linear accelerator based radiosurgery. Med Phys 43:5437, 2016.

Kry S, Molineu A, Kerns J, Faught AM, Huang J, Tonigan J, Alvarez P, Stingo F, Followill D. Institutional patient-specific IMRT QA does not predict unacceptable plan delivery. IJROBP 90(5):1195-1201, 2014.

Faught AM, et al. Development of a modified head, quality assurance phantom for use in stereotactic radiosurgery trials. JACMP 14(4):206-215, 2013.

Full List of Publications

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