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On-course support

The course will be clearly marked. Split-time clocks will be at every mile, and kilometers will be marked every 5K. Anyone leaving the course — except to use the facilities or receive medical attention — will be guilty of an unfair advantage and immediately disqualified.

Traffic control will be directed by the Memphis Police Department. Runners should be aware of vehicular traffic, particularly at all intersections. Please stay alert.

Course monitors and directional personnel will also be at various locations.

Marathon and half marathon hydration stations

The first hydration station will be between mile marks one and two. Hydration stations will then be approximately every mile from mile marks three through 25 with water, lemon-lime Nuun®, Vaseline®, bandages and portalets available. Clif Shot Energy Gel in a variety of flavors will be available at hydration stations near mile marks 9, 15, 18 and 21.

If you have not trained with Nuun or Clif Shot Energy Gel or used them before, it is recommended that you use them with caution.

10K and 5K hydration stations

There will be a hydration station at mile 2.4 for the 5K and at miles 2.4, 3.5 and 5.2 for the 10K. Hydration stations will have water, Nuun®, Vaseline®, bandages and portalets.

Kids marathon course support

The kids marathon course is one mile, with a unique downhill finish from Monroe Avenue into AutoZone Park. There will be a hydration station at the half-mile mark.

Course time limit

The marathon course time limit is six hours.

The 10K course time limit is two hours.

The 5K course time limit is 1.5 hours.

All participants arriving at the marathon/half marathon split near mile 11 at Cleveland Street after 11:20 a.m. will be diverted to the half marathon course. These participants will cross the half marathon finish line and receive a half marathon medal and official time.

Official course closure means police protection ceases and vehicular traffic resumes.


Medical aid

Runners are advised to drink plenty of liquids during the run. If you are drinking both water and some form of a fluid replacement drink, you should maintain a sensible balance to ensure proper electrolyte balance.

We urge medical caution by all runners, particularly first-timers. Do not go beyond your physical limit.

If you have medical conditions that you wish to be known in case of emergency (such as illness, special conditions, allergies, medications, blood type, etc.), write them in waterproof ink (Sharpie marker) on the special form found on the reverse side of your race number.


Runners should notify hydration station personnel of any injured or ill runner requiring assistance. A runner who appears to be suffering from a life-threatening condition, such as heat stroke, may be examined by a qualified race official to determine the seriousness of the problem. No disqualification will result from such action, even if the examination is hands-on, provided the course covered by the runner has not been shortened or substantially altered in the examination process. A runner who, in the qualified race official's opinion, is in control of their faculties will be permitted to decide whether to finish, while one who is not will be removed from the race regardless of whether such action could result in a possible loss of prize.

Numerous ambulances will be mobile on the course. Emergency radio communications will be available at all hydration stations. A doctor-and-nurse-staffed field hospital will be located at the finish line in the basement level of AutoZone Park.


MarathonFoto® will take photos of runners on the course and at the finish line. At AutoZone Park, you'll also have an opportunity to have your picture taken with Elvis, perhaps Memphis' most famous citizen.

If you take photos along the course, you can post them to our Facebook page, or share using #stjuderun.


Spirit stations

Various groups will be positioned along the marathon and half marathon courses to provide entertainment and cheer on runners.


Dropping out

Runners unable to complete the race will be transported via SAG shuttle back to AutoZone Park. Once transportation is requested, it is important that runners not leave the scene by any other means so that their safety and whereabouts can be accounted for. Runners who do not complete the entire course must not cross the finish line.