The Real St. Jude Warriors


St. Jude patients aren't fighting imaginary monsters — they're fighting for their lives. Read their stories and look for their familiar faces at an upcoming Warrior Dash near you.

Meet St. Jude patient Reagan

Meet Reagan

Kids like Reagan are more than just patients to our doctors here at St. Jude. Learn how one doctor made a difference for Reagan during a difficult time.

Meet St. Jude patient Tyler

Meet Tyler

Tyler is full of energy and loves to be social. When he started to feel lethargic in March 2010, his parents knew something was wrong.

Meet Markell

Meet Markell

In late 2009, Markell was found to suffer from osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer.

Meet St. Jude patient Mia

Meet Mia

Mia has a vivid imagination, and can always spin a good story. Even an IV bag can inspire a fairy tale with Mia around!

Meet St. Jude patient Slade

Meet Slade

Slade is an old soul who loves reptiles, especially his pet leopard gecko, Leo. Two days before Thanksgiving, an unexpected diagnosis changed his life.

Meet St. Jude patient Mae

Meet Mae

Mae loves to play dress up, and there can never be too much glitter. At St. Jude, Mae has found something she didn’t have at her local hospital: community.