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presented by Centene Charitable Foundation

Patient Ashtyn

Patient Ashtyn


Thank you for attending The Saints Gala, presented by Centene Charitable Foundation, in St. Louis, Missouri. 

All proceeds from this event will benefit St. Jude, where families never receive a bill for treatment, travel, housing or food.


Become a 2022 sponsor


By partnering with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and sponsoring this event, you will align your company name with the strong, nationally recognized St. Jude mission and brand, and instill pride in your employees, consumers, vendors and company executives.

To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, please contact:

Allison Newton
(314) 341-9500


Make a gift

Every gift you give makes a real impact in the lives of St. Jude kids and their families.

St. Jude patients Kennan and Robert

St. Jude patients Kennan and Robert

A gift of $500 …

could help provide a night to remember for St. Jude teen patients. 

Give $500

St. Jude patient Delarian, at age 5

St. Jude patient Delarian, at age 5

A gift of $1,000 …

could help provide a unique graduation experience for young St. Jude patients.

Give $1,000

St. Jude patient Pops

St. Jude patient Pops

A gift of $2,500 …

could help provide a No More Chemo party for a St. Jude patient, where we celebrate the end of chemotherapy with cake, confetti and a special song.

Give $2,500

St. Jude patient Adalyn

St. Jude patient Adalyn

A gift of $5,000 ...

could help provide more wagons to make trips to treatment more enjoyable for St. Jude patients.

Give $5,000


Your donation will be used to provide breakthrough research, treatment and cures. Items listed here are representative of services and supplies that are part of the treatment and care of children at St. Jude. The cost of each item or service is an approximation and will vary based on actual costs incurred and individual patient needs. Your donation will be used for the general operating needs of St. Jude, where no family ever receives a bill for treatment, lodging, travel or food. View information about tax-deductible donations.


 Other ways you can get involved: