Saks Fifth Avenue

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A St. Jude corporate partner since 2006, Saks Fifth Avenue began their involvement with the hospital as a St. Jude
Thanks and Giving® campaign partner.  Since that time, Saks Fifth Avenue has expanded their program and explored
new ways to partner with St. Jude.  Their partnership has included an open-ended ask for contributions from their customers,
the donation of proceeds from the sale of a children’s book, employee giving and proceeds from the sale of WOW gifts. Saks has also included St. Jude in national and local newspaper advertising and dedicated two of its world-famous holiday windows
on 5th Avenue in New York to St. Jude. 

Most recently, Saks has partnered with CharityBuzz to auction off six one-of-a-kind designer fashions to benefit St. Jude, conducted an online promotion featuring Marlo Thomas and became involved in premiere regional events supporting St. Jude.  Together, Saks Fifth Avenue and OFF 5th have raised more than $1.6 million for St. Jude. 

St. Jude is grateful for Saks Fifth Avenue’s ongoing dedication and support for the medical research and breakthroughs helping children all over the world.