Celebrating the holidays

with St. Jude families

During this time of year, it's important that our kids still get to be kids even while undergoing treatment. See how our families like to celebrate the holidays.

St. Jude patient Julie and her sister Gabby

St. Jude patient Julie and her sister, Gabby

As a matter of family tradition, Julie’s family reads the Christmas story from the Bible and Twas the Night Before Christmas together on Christmas Eve.

“Julie and Gabby try really hard to show Santa that they can be good and get along, at least on December 24th," their mom said. “And they love to help decorate.”


St. Jude patient Madison

St. Jude patient Madison

“We are always with family for the holidays,” said Madison’s mom. “Family is very important. Madison and her dad decorate the tree together every year. It's an ongoing tradition to bake sugar cookies every Christmas.

She added, "And every year we leave the sugar cookies we make, carrots (for the reindeer) and milk by the tree. Then we leave Santa a key to the house since we don't have a chimney!”


St. Jude patient Ally

St. Jude patient Ally

“Each Thanksgiving and Christmas since Ally came home from St. Jude, we go around the dinner table and tell each other what we are most thankful for, as well as what we wish for," said Emerald, Ally’s mom.

St. Jude patient Thompson with his brother, Sam-Parker (left), and cousin, Deacon

St. Jude patient Thompson with his brother, Sam-Parker (left), and cousin, Deacon

“Our family loves Christmas and so does Thompson,” said his mom. “Thompson loves looking at the Christmas tree lit up and loves to help decorate his own Christmas tree in his room.

Thompson's mom added, "He and his older brother, Sam-Parker, have their very own elf that comes to visit them during the holidays and they’re sad to see the elf go on Christmas Eve night. The boys feed the reindeer on Christmas Eve night, as well as open one gift. Christmas is very special to us.”


St. Jude patient Jainlef

St. Jude patient Janilef

Janilef’s family celebrates El Día de los Reyes Magos (Three Kings Day) each year. They look forward to the upcoming holiday in hopes that Janilef will be well enough to celebrate along with them this year.


St. Jude patient David

St. Jude patient David

Even though David was in the hospital for the holidays in 2013, he told his parents that it was the best Christmas ever.

“We arrived kind of after the fact but that didn’t stop the staff at St. Jude from still giving presents. It really helped a lot to make a sad time better for him. Seeing him OK and happy—that made me and his dad feel better,” said his mom.

When David is at home, he loves getting to go to his “Ganma’s” and visiting with family for the holidays.

St. Jude patient Allison with her brother Richie

St. Jude patient Allison with her brother, Richie

Allison and her family arrived at St. Jude for her treatment shortly before the 2014 winter holidays.

“Everything St. Jude did for the kids during Christmas was amazing and overwhelming,” said Allison’s mom. “Allison got to see Santa Claus twice at the hospital.”


We're thankful for your support during this season of Thanks and Giving. Your generosity makes a difference in the lives of St. Jude kids during the holidays and every day.

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