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Volunteer Group Garden Project

St. Jude hopes to one day sustain our cafeteria with fresh fruits and vegetables grown right here on our campus! Become a part of our new “Green” initiatives and contribute your group’s time in a variety of ways. Volunteers are always needed to:

  • Clean
  • Plant
  • Weed
  • Water
  • and Nurture our 50+ garden beds.

All participants must sign the Group Garden Project Waiver before participating in the project. The waiver will be collected by a St. Jude staff member on the day of the project.


The St. Jude Garden is located in Memphis, TN. The meet location will be provided to you upon your project’s acceptance.

Facilities Available During the Event

There is a non-air-conditioned building next to the Garden. This building has restrooms, a refrigerator and an ice machine. No food will be available on site. Bring any food or snacks you may need.


  • Age restriction for Garden projects
    No one under the age of 16 will be allowed to participate in a Garden project.
  • Staying hydrated
    While participating in a Garden project it is important to stay hydrated. Water will be available on site but it is also advised to bring your own water supply as backup as well.
  • Supplies
    Bring your own gardening tools (shovel, rake, pruning shears, etc). Be sure to put your name on any items you bring.
  • Waiver
    All participants must sign the Group Garden Project Waiver before participating in the project.
  • Proof of COVID vaccination
    All participants must provide proof that they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Note: All persons under the age of 18 must bring a signed copy of this waiver with them on the day of the project or they will not be able to participate. The waiver must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.


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Guidelines and Policies

    • Wear comfortable and appropriate clothing to work in the Garden.
    • Hats and sunscreen are advised for protection from the sun. Open-toe shoes are prohibited for your own safety – boots or other solid shoes are advised.
    • Work gloves are available on-site but you volunteers are encouraged to bring their own gloves as well.
    • Limited locker space will be available. Volunteers should keep valuable items to a minimum.
    • Do not wear any clothing that advertises other medical centers, alcoholic beverages, tobacco, drugs or contains political messages.
    • Jeans and shorts are acceptable.
    • No revealing attire is allowed.
    • Keep in mind that while you are volunteering, you represent St. Jude. Facial jewelry other than earrings is not permitted.
  1. Designated smoking areas are available; however, smoking is prohibited in all buildings and St. Jude-owned vehicles.

  2. St. Jude is committed to maintaining a workplace that is free from the influence of alcohol and drugs. Hospital policy prohibits the use, possession, manufacture, distribution or sale of drugs and alcohol on St. Jude property. In addition, the use of alcohol or possession, manufacture, distribution or sale of drugs off St. Jude premises that adversely affects performance, safety or the hospital’s reputation is also prohibited.

  3. Employee groups who sign up for group Garden projects may not volunteer with family members or friends. Employee groups must be made up of only employees.