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Lifetime Member Status

The Lifetime Member Status in the Volunteer Service Program is given annually to St. Jude volunteers who have dedicated more than five years or 1000 hours of service to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and need to step back from their traditional volunteer roles.

The purpose of this award is to honor volunteers for their loyal service to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital through the creation of a special lifetime member program that provides for the involvement with the hospital without requiring a commitment to a weekly volunteer shift.

Lifetime nominations can be accepted at any time, however, they are reviewed and approved annually.

Incoming lifetime members are recognized at the annual Volunteer Appreciation Event.

  1. Any volunteer who has accumulated more than five years of service or 1,000 hours of service is eligible to apply for lifetime member status.

  2. The volunteer, or someone on the volunteer's behalf, completes the application for lifetime member status. If the eligibility has been met, the volunteer’s request is approved. A congratulatory letter will be mailed to the volunteer. The last day of the volunteer’s weekly shift will be mutually agreed upon by the volunteer and the manager of volunteer services.

    • Special recognition during the annual appreciation event
    • Service pin
    • 20% lifetime account discount in the ALSAC Gift Shop
    • All current benefits for active volunteers, which presently include: 
      1. Invitation to all Family, Guest and Volunteer Services department functions
      2. VIP Newsletter
      3. Free flu shot (when available)
      4. Free lunch at the hospital up to four times per year
    • St. Jude lifetime members continue to be committed and connected to the organization.
    • Lifetime members may visit St. Jude and are treated to lunch up to four times per year.
    • Lifetime members are asked to read the VIP newsletter to stay connected with the latest happenings.
    • Lifetime members are encouraged to attend all formal recognition events and will be specially honored and appreciated at these gatherings.
    • Lifetime members should feel comfortable in giving their feedback and suggestions for improvement to Family, Guest & Volunteer Services staff at any time.