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Volunteer Confidentiality Guidelines

Confidentiality is of utmost importance. We want to provide our families with the highest level of comfort possible. Your interest and concern for our patients must be limited to the visit.

  • Please do not exchange phone numbers or addresses or other personal information with the patients or families.
  • Please do not take the name of a patient to a prayer group. Instead, please pray for all of the children at St. Jude. If a patient asks to be added to a list, give them your church's prayer group hotline so that they can add themselves.
  • Confidential information that should not be shared includes, but is not limited to the patient’s name, age, sex, diagnosis or home town.
  • Confidential information should not be shared with anyone, including: friends, family or co-workers.
  • If you observe a situation and you feel someone needs to be informed about it, please let the Special Events and Volunteer Coordinator know.
  • Social networking communications with or about patients via facebook, twitter, CaringBridge, LinkedIn or any other social network is prohibited. Any communication could be interpreted as disclosing or confirming protected health information in violation of St. Jude Privacy, Security and Patient Rights Policies as well as federal laws such as HIPAA. Examples:
    • No “friending”
    • No “like”ing
    • No "tweeting"
    • No messaging
  • Do not post patient or family photos, videos, comments or any other protected health information.
  • No photography or filming is allowed. Your host may take a picture of your group for you if desired.