Children in the Chapel Volunteer Opportunities

Godly Play Helper

The Spiritual Care team is looking for volunteers to assist them during Children in the Chapel, where they hold Godly Play each week.  These volunteers will set-up before play and tear-down after. This would include appropriately cleaning all the parts of the kit and supplies before and after the Godly Play Session, collect the advertising flyers and posters from various areas in the hospital, and helping with any needs that might come up during a session. A big part of the Helper’s role is welcoming participants into the space, take down their names and introducing them to the group.


Each Wednesday from 9:30a.m. – 11:30a.m.
Helper volunteers must be comfortable working around sick children, their families, and hospital staff; must be warm, friendly, and have the ability to confirm to safety and infection control practices; and must be able to clearly communicate verbally in English.

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