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Helping Hands Volunteer Opportunities

Helping Hands go wherever they are needed in the hospital and offer the valuable service of sitting with children whose parents need a break. This service is offered in most clinic areas and on all inpatient units. This may include providing amenities, special attention to patient, and a break for parents or brief respite care. Helping Hands volunteers assist and support the nurses on inpatient floors by providing amenities and special attention to patients on an as needed basis.


Helping Hands volunteers must be age 26 or older. Experience with children is strongly preferred. This position also requires an individual who is self-motivated and comfortable with autonomy as well as the ability to provide self-direction within strict guidelines. Helping Hands volunteers should have excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

Shift times vary based on our needs. After orientation, all Helping Hands volunteers must attend three-hour detailed training and subsequent shadowing sessions.

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