Volunteer Services Highlights


Volunteer Services Highlights for 2014 include:

  • More than 2,478 volunteers gave 44,477 hours to St. Jude, the equivalent of 22 full-time employees.
  • Our volunteers range in age from 16-93, with an average age of 46.
  • Three sessions of Volunteens provided daily activities for patients and siblings and participated in activities designed to familiarize them with hospital and research careers. They took with them a permanent feeling of connection to St. Jude.
  • 110 college students and Pediatric Oncology Education students experienced direct patient contact while providing fun, diversion and support to inpatients and their families.
  • The Parent Mentor Program had 655 mentor to parent encounters and supported 70 families. 
  • Food Services volunteers produced 19,380 snack bags for the patients to enjoy.
  • Child Life volunteers served in 14 inpatient and outpatients areas of the hospital and provided the greatest number of hours of any shift placement in the hospital.
  • Ready Runner collected 2,546 red wagons and 1,630 wheel chairs and brought them to environmental services to be cleaned. Ready Runners also escorted 259 guests through the hospital.
  • Kay Kafe Companions assisted 1,024 families in the Kay Kafe.
  • Beverage Cart volunteers distributed 3,353 cups of coffee and 6,308 cups of hot chocolate to families in the inpatient units and medicine room.
  • Volunteer Services provided volunteer support for 44 special requests, dispatching 190 volunteers to various events such as Survivors’ Day and the Masquerade Jewelry Sale, giving a combined total of 529 hours.
  • Volunteers gave 846 hours in the Family Resource Center supporting the center in its initiatives.
  • Hospital volunteer tour guides provided customer service to 4,122 visitors, giving a total of 495 tours.      
  • Volunteers served in a variety of departments throughout the campus and were not only vital in the support they provided to patients and families, but to staff as well. These volunteers served in the bakery, Doggy Daze, movie cart, school tutor program, massage, clerical and Eucharistic Lay Ministry just to highlight a few.

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