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Former St. Jude patient and ALSAC employee Jessica Turri gets help from her nephew, Arlo Andrews, 4, while making brownies at home with her family

Memphis: A Place to Make a Home

Where “making a living” means living more

At the end of the day, the cost of living matters. While the cost of living is outpacing salaries in many U.S. cities, Memphis is one place where you can still afford to live a comfortable lifestyle without making six figures. Ranked one of the Most Affordable Cities to Live In, Memphis is the ideal place to make a home.


Coming Home

You can have the nicest house on the block with the backyard of your dreams.

Graphic of average cost of housing per square foot


Commuting to Work

Enjoy your commute in that new car you’ve been eyeing.

Graphic of average cost of gas per gallon


Dining Out

Order that dessert. It’s in your budget now.

Graphic of average cost for a three-course meal for two


Going to the Grocery Store

With all the money you’re saving, you can splurge on the fancy cheese for your next party.

Graphic of avergage cost of trip to the grocery store


Joining a Gym

Looking and feeling your best won't be that hard… on your wallet.

Graphic of average monthly gym membership cost


Safe, affordable housing is easy to find close to the St. Jude campus and in neighborhoods throughout Memphis, each with its own unique personality. From quiet, family-oriented communities to trendy areas bustling with restaurants and nightlife, the city gives the newcomer many options to choose from. 

  1. Midtown

    Image of Aaron Shafer

    My wife and I have two teenagers that both went to Shelby County public schools. Our youngest is currently in a STEM school in Midtown and it’s outstanding.  He’s learning to write code for creating software programs and design web pages. He has the opportunity to complete college courses and obtain a pilot’s license while still in high school. 

    Aaron Shafer, Therapeutics Production and Quality
    Stanford, CA ▶ Memphis


    South Main

  2. Harbor Town/Mud Island

    Image of Ellie Reece and a horse

    I live in Harbor Town. The River was the initial selling point. I was torn leaving the ocean and, while the Mississippi River is no ocean, it’s relaxing to walk along and the sunsets here can’t be beat. This city has a lot of heart and soul and there are so many wonderful things about it.

    Ellie Reece, Ambulatory Operations
    Boston ▶ Memphis

  3. Flowers at the Memphis Botanic Garden

    Flowers at the Memphis Botanic Garden.

    portrait of Wei Liu

    We live in East Memphis. Our daughter attends a public school in Shelby County Schools that is five minutes from our house. As a parent, I love her teachers’ dedication and the many AP courses offered at her high school. My favorite restaurant to go with friends or family is Bombay House in Cordova. Our daughter loves Indian food! 

    Wei Liu, Biostatistics
    Beijing ▶ Iowa ▶ Memphis




    Germantown has very good public schools, but we send our son to a private school because of its great culture and diversity. I’m from Guatemala and Charlie is Filipino, and we think of our kids as citizens of the world. It’s nice to have options. He’s excited to return and seeing his friends and teachers.

    Paulina Velasquez, Bone Marrow Transplant and Cellular Therapy
    & Charles Castello, Facilities Operations and Maintenance, and sons
    Guatamala ▶ Texas ▶ Memphis (Paulina )
    Miami ▶ Texas ▶ Memphis  (Charles)

    image of Paulina Velasquez, Charles Costello and their sons
    Collierville sign



    North Mississippi

    We live in Hernando, Mississippi. It’s just over the Mississippi state border and about a 30-minute commute to St. Jude in downtown Memphis. We have 2.5 acres of wooded privacy in Hernando, but we’re still just minutes from shopping and restaurants. We love the small-town feel and adorable downtown square. Hernando is very family-friendly.

    Jackie & Ryan Greenwood
    Jackie works in Child Life; Ryan works in Human Resources
    Greater Los Angeles ▶ Durham, NC ▶ Hernando, Mississippi (Jackie)
    Memphis native ▶ Hernando, Mississippi (Ryan)

    Photo of couple eating ice cream
    image of Libby Gaitskill

    I live in Downtown Memphis. I love that there are always people walking around, going to coffee shops, dining out, and exercising outdoors. I love living close to the Mississippi River, where I can take walks after work. I also go to the Downtown Farmer’s Market every Saturday morning to get produce for the week.

    Libby Gaitskill. Child Life
    Sugar Hill, NH ▶ Providence ▶ Memphis


    Edge District


*Sources: Living, C., States, U. and Memphis, T. (2020). Cost of Living in Memphis. [online] Available at: [Accessed Jan 2018]. Updated: January 2020
**The graphics are not a scaled representation of data.


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