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Memphis: A Place to Make Noise

This city loves to celebrate

  1. Memphians are passionate about what we love. What better way to share that excitement than with thousands of your closest friends? Find a festival that’s perfect for you, whether it’s food, music, film, or something new to explore.

    photo of "I love Memphis" sign

    Party down:

    People in a rowing race
  2. Memphis is rapidly becoming as well known for its food as it is for its music. In fact, Travel + Leisure magazine named Memphis one of the “America’s Best Cities for Foodies” in 2015. And don’t just think barbecue — Memphis has a full range of choices to satisfy any palate.

    Memphis offers:

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    Some of our favorite restaurants are Global Café, MEMPops, and Urban Fusion Asian Bistro. Our kids love the Japanese and Thai food. They order sushi rolls and challenge each other on how much wasabi they can eat with the roll.

    Manjula Puthenedam, Human Resources
    India ▶ Baltimore ▶ Columbus ▶ Memphis 

  3. If you love music, it doesn’t get better than Memphis. It’s not just the heart of the country’s live blues scene and birthplace of rock n’ roll. It’s also a regular tour stop for big-name talent, an incubator for great local artists and a rich place for opera and classical music.

    Memphis is home to:


    The world-famous Beale Street Music Festival

    Image of Beale Street

    Free outdoor concerts at Levitt Shell

    photo of amphitheater concert

    My idea of a great night out with friends is a picnic dinner at a show at the Levitt Shell or Live at the Garden. The Memphis area has so much to offer! There’s so much history and culture to explore.

    Jackie & Ryan Greenwood
    Jackie works in Child Life; Ryan works in Human Resources
    Greater Los Angeles ▶ Durham, NC ▶ Hernando, Mississippi (Jackie)
    Memphis native ▶ Hernando, Mississippi (Ryan)

    Portrait of Ryan and Jackie Greenwood and their dog

    Not to mention . . .

    Beale sign
    Portrait of Heather Stebbeds

    My initial thought of Memphis was how much of an underdog city it is. There are so many cool things to do in this city that people don’t talk about.

    I love listening to live music, which you can find anywhere in the city at any time of day. Raiford’s is a great place to go dancing and get a feel for a Memphis staple. I love that Memphis is a ‘small big city,’ so I often run into friends and coworkers while out.

    Heather Stebbeds, Radiation Oncology
    Detroit ▶ Arizona ▶ Memphis 

  4. Memphis loves sports — though not everyone agrees on the best team. Whether your passion is pro athletics or college ball, you’ll have plenty to keep you entertained.

    Memphis Grizzlies players playing basketball with boys

    Cheer on the home team:


Get to know the community, city life and distinctive culture that makes Memphis so special.


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