Preceptor Workshops

Basic Preceptor Workshop
This course is an opportunity for staff to show and share their "stuff." It is open to all nurses, nursing care assistants and health unit coordinators who have a desire to guide and share experiences with new staff on their new jobs at St. Jude. This not only includes skills required on their specific unit, but introduces them to other members of the staff and helps them to become part of the team. In this workshop, staff is provided with the opportunity to learn the role of the preceptor and to fine-tune their communication, critical thinking and staff model skills.

Advanced Preceptor Workshop
This workshop is open to all those who want to take their preceptor skills to a higher level. Attendance at a Basic Preceptor Workshop is required. This class is for those preceptors who want to increase their assessment, evaluation, and interaction skills and to "be all that they can be."