Shared Decision Making

Shared Decision Making (SDM) at St. Jude is unique. St. Jude realizes that the staff who provide patient care everyday have the most expertise for making recommendations about providing excellent patient care.

Patient Care Services employees have input on decisions about professional practice and development.

“Shared Decision Making gives everybody a voice and lets people who are actually at the bedside assist in making decisions based on what works and what doesn’t, rather than having managers make unilateral decisions. In the end, it means that we’re giving the best care to the patient.” Robin Mobley, RN, Director, ICU.

The Shared Decision Making process also provides a way for caregivers to address concerns.

“Nurses on one unit told their director that requests for items such as games and blankets prevented them from completing their tasks. Their director discussed this with Leadership Group. Volunteer Services offered to help. Volunteer Services met with nurses and Child Life to develop the Amenity Relief program. This program was tested and is now in practice on all the inpatient units.”  from The St. Jude Learning Center Computer Based Learning System.

Nurses have their say by attending staff meetings, serving on Support, Steering or their particular unit councils (Bone Marrow Transplant, ICU, etc.).

Shared Decision Making is first presented to new employees during Employee Orientation. There is a computer-based training module for SDM which all new PCS employees must take, and an SDM Fair is held every year.

SDM is multi-disciplinary.

Shared Decision Making Bylaws:

  • To promote collaboration, teamwork, and involvement of the multidisciplinary team
  • To assure participation of staff in clinical and practice environment decisions
  • To promote growth in all staff
  • To support research, creativity and innovation
  • To recognize staff contributions