Relocation Benefits

St. Jude has partnered with UrbanBound to administer your relocation benefits.  UrbanBound’s software, paired with a designated Relocation Consultant and UrbanBound’s Supplier Network, will deliver your relocation benefits according to St. Jude policy and help you use those benefits most effectively.

You should not take any action related to your move before first having a consultation call with your UrbanBound Relocation Consultant. UrbanBound’s goal is to assist you in accessing and maximizing the value of your relocation benefits resulting in a successful move and preparing you to start your job off on the right foot.

You will receive the following support from UrbanBound:

  • Access to UrbanBound software, which provides:
    • Ability to claim your relocation benefits
    • Relocation planning – assists you with staying focused and on-task
    • Access to preferred suppliers – moving companies, housing providers, etc.
    • Budgeting and tax guidance - helps you manage your moving budget and explain the tax aspect of each component
    • Hyperlocal content for the Memphis area and information about your new work environment
  • Access to a designated UrbanBound Relocation Consultant - a click or phone call away
  1. The relocation allowance includes core services that can be direct billed and expenses that are eligible for reimbursement. Core services will be booked first and any remaining allowance can be used to reimburse approved expenses. 

  2. The following items are examples and must be approved by St. Jude Talent Acquisition.

    The list is not all inclusive.

    • Truck/van rental
    • Moving company
    • Automotive shipment
    • Packing supplies
    • Transportation expenses (airfare, car rental, train fare)
    • Hotels
    • Temporary storage of household goods
    • House or apartment hunting trip
    • Temporary housing
  3. The list is not all inclusive.

    • Meals (GSA per diem rate)
    • Reimbursement for mileage
    • Cost of fuel for a rental truck
    • Mail/shipping costs for household goods/personal items
    • Hotel, if it is unable to be direct billed as a core relocation service*

    *Hotels will be direct billed whenever possible.

  4. The list is not all inclusive.

    • Deposits and application fees for apartments
    • Deposits for utility services (MLGW, cable, phone)
    • DMV license and registration fees
    • Realtor fees
    • Down payments for a home purchase
    • Closing costs
    • Purchase of personal and/or home use items (toiletries, furniture, etc.)
    • Fees to break an apartment lease
    • Child care
  5. St. Jude has partnered with UrbanBound to deliver an exceptional relocation experience for you and make it easy to claim and use your relocation benefits. Upon your invitation to UrbanBound, your Relocation Consultant will reach out via email and phone to hold a 15-20 minute consultation call. On this call, the Relocation Consultant will review what services are eligible for Core Relocation Services and learn about your moving needs. Based on this conversation, your Relocation Consultant will contact UrbanBound’s vetted suppliers for estimates. Once quotes are received, your Relocation Consultant is available to discuss options with you before you make a decision.

  6. On UrbanBound’s website, you will find a section titled Manage Budget. In this section, you can upload receipts. Your Relocation Consultant will add the per diem rates for meals and mileage that you might be eligible to receive.

    You should upload your other receipts here for approval of reimbursement. Your receipts must clearly show the date of the expense and how you paid it – e.g. credit card, check or cash.

    After uploading your receipts, you must retain them.  According to the IRS, some things are taxable and our accountants will determine, specifically, which activities are taxable. You will receive a direct deposit for your relocation reimbursement (minus the taxes).

  7. Your Relocation Consultant will assist in tracking your total relocation allowance and will keep you updated with your remaining balance. If you have a remaining allowance after Core Services have been booked, your Relocation Consultant will submit your uploaded receipts for approval and reimbursement.

  8. You have one year from your start date to submit receipts.

  9. After submitting your receipts and after all of your final supplier invoices are received, please allow three to six weeks to process your relocation reimbursement. Financial Services will send you an email to inform you of the amount and date you can expect your reimbursement via direct deposit.

  10. Yes, you must use UrbanBound’s supplier network to book your Core Relocation Services. UrbanBound suppliers have been vetted for quality and responsiveness.

  11. You will be responsible for paying the moving company for any expenses incurred over the amount of your relocation allowance.

  12. For questions related to your relocation to Memphis or your use of UrbanBound, please contact your UrbanBound Relocation Consultant.

    For questions pertaining to your employment with St. Jude, please contact your recruiter.

Please note:

Faculty, postdoctoral research associates and staff are eligible for different relocation packages. The information in this section refers to staff relocation policies and procedures. Faculty seeking relocation must contact Faculty Affairs. For information regarding postdoctoral research associate relocation packages and procedures, please see Postdoctoral Research Associate relocation or contact Academic Programs.