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Memphis is where "making a living" means living more

Memphis sign in Downtown Memphis

While the cost of living is outpacing salaries in many U.S cities, Memphis is one place you can still afford to live a comfortable lifestyle without making six figures. Ranked the Most Affordable City in America and the #2 Easiest Place to Buy a Home, it is the ideal place to stretch your hard-earned dollars.

At the end of the day, the cost of living matters



Coming Home

You could have the nicest house on the block with that backyard you’ve always dreamed of.

cost of housing graphic


Hitting the Gym

Looking and feeling your best shouldn’t be that hard… on your wallet.

gym cost graphic


Going to the Grocery Store

With all the money you’ll save, you can splurge on those ice cream bars you love so much.

grocery costs graphic


Dining Out

Go ahead and order that glass of wine or dessert. It’s in your budget now.

dining costs graphic


Commuting to Work

With all this extra money, you could be enjoying your commute in that new car you’ve been eyeing.

commuting cost graphic

Live Well. Work Well. Join us in Memphis!

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**The graphics are not a scaled representation of data.