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Christophe Lechauve, PhD
Christophe Lechauve, PhD

Christophe Lechauve, PhD

Research Associate, St. Jude Faculty



PhD - University Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris
MS - University of Rennes 1, Rennes, France

Research Interests

  • Hemoglobin biology
  • Globin evolution
  • Protein dynamics
  • Gene and drug therapy


Selected Publications

Lechauve C, Keith J, Khandros E, Fowler S, Mayberry K, Freiwan A, Thom CS, Delbini P, Romero EB, Zhang J, Motta I, Tillman H, Cappellini MD, Kundu* M, Weiss MJ*. The autophagy-activating kinase ULK1 mediates clearance of free α-globin in β-thalassemia. Sci Transl Med 11:eaav4881, 2019. PMID: 31434755

Xu P*, Palmer LE*, Lechauve C, Zhao G, Yao Y, Luan J, Vourekas A, Tan H, Peng J, Scheutz J, Mourelatos Z, Wu G, Weiss MJ, Paralkar VR. Regulation of gene expression by miR-144/451 during mouse erythropoiesis. Blood 133:2518–2528, 2019. PMID: 30971389

Lechauve C, Butcher JT, Freiwan A, Biwer L, Keith J, Good M.E, Ackerman H, Tillman H, Kiger L, Isakson B, Weiss MJ. Endothelial cell α-globin and its molecular chaperone α-hemoglobin–stabilizing protein regulate arteriolar contractility. J Clin Invest 128:5073–5082, 2018. PMID: 30295646

Fang X*, Shen F*, Lechauve C, Xu P, Zhao G, Itkow J, Wu F, Hou Y, Wu X, Yu L, Xiu H, Wang M, Zhang R, Wang F, Zhang Y, Wang D, Weiss MJ, Yu D. miR-144/451 represses the LKB1/AMPK/mTOR pathway to promote red cell precursor survival during recovery from acute anemia. Haematologica 103:406–416, 2018. PMID: 29269522

Cwerman-Thibault H*, Lechauve C*, Augustin S, Roussel D, Reboussin E, Mohammad A, Degardin-Chicaud J, Simonutti M, Liang H, Brignole-Baudouin F, Maron A, Debeir T, Corral-Debrinski M. Neuroglobin can prevent or reverse glaucomatous progression in DBA/2J mice. Mol Ther Methods Clin Dev 5:200–220, 2017. PMID: 28540323

Lechauve C, Augustin S, Cwerman-Thibault H, Reboussin E, Roussel D, Sahel JA, Debeir T, Corral-Debrinski M. Neuroglobin gene therapy prevents optic atrophy and preserves durably visual function in Harlequin mice. Mol Ther 22:1096–1109, 2014. PMID: PMC4048897

Lechauve C, Augustin S, Roussel D, Sahel JA, Corral-Debrinski M. Neuroglobin involvement in visual pathways through the optic nerve. Biochim Biophys Acta 1834:1772–1778, 2013. PMID: 23639750

Lechauve C, Jager M, Laguerre L, Kiger L, Correc G, Leroux C, Vinogradov S, Czjzek M, Marden MC, Bailly X. Neuroglobins: pivotal proteins associated with emerging neural systems and precursors of metazoan globin diversity. J Biol Chem 288:6957–6967, 2013. PMID: PMC3591606

Lechauve C, Augustin S, Cwerman-Thibault H, Bouaita A, Forster V, Célier C, Rustin P, Marden MC, Sahel JA, Corral-Debrinski M. Neuroglobin involvement in respiratory chain function and retinal ganglion cell integrity. Biochim Biophys Acta 1823:2261–2273, 2012. PMID: 23036890

Lechauve C, Dewilde S, Moens L, Marden MC, Kiger L. Cytoglobin conformations and disulfide bond formation. FEBS J 277:2696–2704, 2010. PMID: 20553503

Lechauve C, Bouzhir-Sima L, Yamashita T, Marden MC, Vos MH, Liebl U, Kiger L. Heme ligand binding properties and intradimer interactions in the full-length sensor protein Dos from Escherichia coli and its isolated heme domain. J Biol Chem 284:36146–36159, 2009. PMCID: PMC2794730

Lechauve C, Rezaei H, Celier C, Kiger L, Corral-Debrinski M, Noinville S, Chauvierre C, Hamdane D, Pato C, Marden MC. Neuroglobin and prion cellular localization: investigation of a potential interaction. J Mol Biol 388:968–977, 2009. PMID: 1932736

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