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Tudor Moldoveanu, PhD
Tudor Moldoveanu, PhD


BSc (with honors) – Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
PhD – Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Research Interests

  • Programmed cell death in cancer biology
  • Mechanisms of BCL-2 family proteins-mediated apoptosis
  • Molecular mechanisms of necrosis
  • Drug discovery of programmed cell death

Selected Publications

Guibao CD, Petrinjak K, Moldoveanu T. “Uncovering human mixed lineage kinase domain-like activation in necroptosis” Future Med Chem. doi: 10.4155/fmc-2019-0229, 2019. [Epub ahead of print]

Moldoveanu T, Czabotar PE. (2019) “BAX, BAK, and BOK: A coming of age for the BCL-2 family effector proteins” Cold Spring Harb Perspect Biol. doi: 10.1101/cshperspect.a036319, 2019. [Epub ahead of print]

McNamara DE, Dovey CM, Hale AT, Quarato G, Grace CR, Guibao CD, Diep J, Nourse A, Cai CR, Wu H, Kalathur RC, Green DR, York JD, Carette JE*, Moldoveanu T*#. “Direct activation of human MLKL by a select repertoire of inositol phosphate metabolites” Cell Chem Biol 26:863, 2019. (#senior *co-corresponding author).

Dovey CM, Diep J, Clarke BP, Hale AT, McNamara DE, Guo H, Brown NW Jr, Cao JY, Grace CR, Gough PJ, Bertin J, Dixon SJ, Fiedler D, Mocarski ES, Kaiser WJ, Moldoveanu T, York JD, Carette JE. MLKL Required the Inositol Phosphate Code to Execute Necroptosis. Mol Cell 70:936, 2018.

Zheng JH, Grace CR, Guibao CD, McNamara DE, Llambi F, Wang YM, Chen T, Moldoveanu T. Intrinsic Instability of BOK Enables Membrane Permeabilization in Apoptosis. Cell Reports 23:2083, 2018.

Wu X, Zhang LS, Toombs J, Kuo YC, Piazza JT, Tuladhar R, Barrett Q, Fan CW, Zhang X, Walensky LD, Kool M, Cheng SY, Brekken R, Opferman JT, Green DR, Moldoveanu T, Lum L. Extra-mitochondrial prosurvival BCL-2 proteins regulate gene transcription by inhibiting the SUFU tumour suppressor. Nat Cell Biol 19:1226, 2017.

Llambi F, Wang YM, Victor B, Yang M, Schneider DM, Gingras S, Parsons MJ, Zheng JH, Brown SA, Pelletier S, Moldoveanu T, Chen T, Green DR. BOK is a Non-canonical BCL-2 Family Effector of Apoptosis Regulated by ER-Associated Degradation. Cell 165:421, 2016.

Quarato G, Guy CS, Grace CR, Llambi F, Nourse A, Rodriguez DA, Wakefield R, Frase S, Moldoveanu T*, Green DR*. Sequential Engagement of Distinct MLKL Phosphatidylinositol-Binding Sites Executes Necroptosis. Mol Cell 61:589, 2016. (* co-corresponding author)

Moldoveanu T, Viacava Follis A, Kriwacki RW, Green DR. Many Players in BCL-2 Family Affairs. Trends Biochem Sci 39:101, 2014.

Moldoveanu T, Grace CR, Llambi F, Nourse A, Gehring K, Kriwacki R, Green DR. BID-induced structural changes in BAK promote apoptosis. Nat Struct Mol Biol 20:589, 2013.

Llambi F, Moldoveanu T, Tait SWG, Bouchier-Hayes L, Temirov J, McCormick LL, Dillon CP, Green DR. A unified model of BCL-2 family interactions at the mitochondria. Mol Cell 44:517, 2011.

Chipuk JE, Moldoveanu T, Lambii F, Parsons M, Green DR. The BCL-2 family reunion. Mol Cell 37:299-310, 2010.

Moldoveanu T, Gehring K, Green DR. Concerted multi-pronged attack by calpastatin to occlude the catalytic cleft of heterodimeric calpains. Nature 465:404-8, 2008. (News and Views Enzyme knocked for a loop. Nature 465:337-8, 2008.)

Moldoveanu T, Qian L, Tocilj A, Watson M, Shore G, Gehring K. The X-ray Structure of a BAK homodimer reveals an inhibitory zinc binding site. Mol Cell 24:677-88, 2006.

Moldoveanu T, Hosfield CM, Lim D, Jia Z, Davies PL. Calpain silencing by a reversible intrinsic mechanism. Nat Struct Mol Biol 10:371-78, 2003.

Moldoveanu T, Hosfield CM, Lim D, Elce JS, Jia Z, Davies PL. A Ca2+ switch aligns the active site of calpain. Cell 108:649-60, 2002.

Last update: February 2020