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felicity with her mom

Felicity was diagnosed with five tumors

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Felicity's medical journey began when her mom took her to the pediatrician for a standard check up.

The pediatrician ordered scans and tests, which revealed a giant cyst pushing Felicity’s brain aside, essentially pressing it into her skull.

patient felicity smiling and sitting

They sought a referral to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.


Families, like Felicity's , will never receive a bill from St. Jude for anything.

felicity with her mom and dad

Felicity had a total of five brain and spinal tumors called desmoplastic infantile astrocytoma.

  1. Her doctor said he's never treated a case like hers ever at St. Jude, and neither has any other doctor.

    Felicity's mom, Mandy

    felicity and her mom smiling

    She underwent several different chemotherapies during her time at St. Jude, which succeeded in shrinking the tumors.

    felicity with her doctor

    While she was in treatment, clinic staff also celebrated her first birthday, which happens to fall on the same day as St. Jude founder Danny Thomas’ (Jan. 6).

    If we had chosen not to come here, I don't feel Felicity would be with us today.

    Felicity's mom, Mandy

    felicity with her doctor

    Felicity is now done with treatment and returns for regular checkups.


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