Matthew is being treated for leukemia

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Matthew is the very definition of outgoing. One of his claims to fame is that he never forgets a name. 

If he doesn't know you, he's gonna meet you.

Matthew's dad, Chris

Ching Hon Pui, MD with St. Jude patient Matthew

Ching Hon Pui, MD with Matthew


That’s just Matthew’s way – at the hospital, on the Little League field and beyond.

During a visit to St. Jude, Matthew was engaged in spirited play with four other kids in a waiting room of the hospital. All but one was bald from chemotherapy. 

Otherwise, you would never have guessed they were sick.


Families, like Matthew's, will never receive a bill from St. Jude for anything.

St. Jude patient  kaitlyn with her mom
  1. In September 2017, Matthew seemed to have a cold he couldn’t shake. 

    But a chest X-ray showed a severely enlarged thymus — sometimes a sign of leukemia

    matthew with his mom

    Matthew with his mom near a holiday sign of St. Jude

    There was no time to spare. He was brought to St. Jude by helicopter.

    He was very sick. He was on a ventilator for a week or longer.

    Matthew's dad, Chris

    matthew decorating a cupcake

    Matthew decorating a cupcake at St. Jude

    Once his St. Jude care team stabilized him, Matthew began sailing through cancer treatment.

    In all, he has received about two-and-a-half years of chemotherapy.


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St. Jude patient matthew

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