Richard Rahija, DVM, PhD
Richard Rahija, DVM, PhD

Richard Rahija, DVM, PhD

Associate Member, St. Jude Faculty



BS – Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas - Biology
DVM – College of Veterinary Medicine, Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas
PhD – University of North Carolina School of Medicine, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Honors & Awards

  • 1992 Co-Recipient, Research Award for the Most Outstanding Paper Published in Laboratory Animal Science, American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS)

Research Interests

  • Laboratory animal medicine
  • Animal and biohazard containment facility design
  • Pathogenesis of murine infectious diseases

Selected Publications

Schoeb, T. R., Rahija, R. J., Boyd, C., Orcutt, R. P., Eaton, K.A., Chapter 2, Principles of Establishing and Operating a Gnotobiotic Facility.  Chapter 2, In Gnotobiotics, Schoeb, T.R. and Eaton, K.A.  Academic Press, New York, pp 21-63. 2017.

Drenberg, C. D.; Buelow, D. R.; Pounds, S.; Wang, Y-D. ; Finkelstein, D. ; Rahija, R. J.; Shurtleff, S. A.; Gruber, T. A.; Klco, J. M.; Baker, S. D.  Transcriptome profiling of patient derived xenograft models established from pediatric acute myeloid leukemia patients confirm maintenance of FLT3-ITD mutation.  Leukemia Lymphoma. 58:1,247-250, 2017.  

Schoeb, T. R. and Rahija, R. J. “Chapter 26 - Gnotobiotics” In “Laboratory Animal Medicine 3rd ed.” (Fox, J. eds).  Elsevier Press. New York. pp 1263-1296, 2015.

Rehg, J., Rahija, R., Bush, D., Bradley, A., and Ward, J.  Immunophenotype of Spontaneous Hematolymphoid Tumors Occurring in Young and Aging Female CD-1 mice.  Toxicological Pathology.  43:7, 1025-1034, 2015.

Jacus, M.O., Rahija R.J., Davis, A.D., Throm, S.L.  and Stewart, C. F.  An Observational Evaluation of Mice During Cerebral Microdialysis Procedures Used in Pediatric Brain Tumor Research. JAALAS, 54:3, 304-310, 2015.

Burke, C.W., Bridges, O., Brown, S., Rahija, R., Russell, C.J.  Mode of Transmission Determines the Dynamics of Parainfluenza Virus Infection and Protective Immunity in a Mouse Model. PLOS Pathogens, DOI: 10.1371/journal.ppat.1003786. 2013.

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Yang L, Boyd K, Kaste SC, Kamdem LK, Rahija RJ, Relling MV. A Mouse Model for Glucocorticoid-Induced Osteonecrosis: Effect of a Steroid Holiday. J Orthopaedic Research 27(2):169-175. 2009.

Rahija RJ. Gnotobiotics. In: The Mouse in Biomedical Research. Fox J, ed. Academic Press: New York, NY; 2007, pp 217-233. 

Strategies That Influence Cost Containment In Animal Research Facilities. Committee on Cost of and Payment for Animal Research. Institute for Laboratory Animal Research (ILAR), National Research Council, National Academy Press. Washington, D.C. 2000.

Rahija RJ, Animal Facility Design. Occupational Medicine 14:407-422, 1999.

Reynolds RP, Rahija RJ, Schenkman DI, Richter CB. Experimental murine cytomegalovirus infection in severe combined immunodeficient mice. Lab Animal Sci 43:291-295, 1993.

Schmader KE, Rahija RJ, Porter KR, Daley G, Hamilton JD. Aging and reactivation of latent murine cytomegalovirus. J Infect Dis (IH3) 166(6): 1403-7, 1992.

Schmader KE, Rahija RJ, Porter KR, Hamilton JD. Murine cytomegalovirus gene amplification and culture after submaxillary salivary gland biopsy. Lab Animal Sci 41: 396-400, 1991.

Anstadt MP, Stonnington BA, Tedder M, Crain B, Brothers MF, Hillerin DJ, Rahija RJ, Menius JA, Lowe JE. Pulsatile reperfusion after cardiac arrest improves neurologic outcome. Annals of Surg 214:478-490, 1991.

Zarnegar R, Muga S, Rahija RJ, Michelopoulos G. Tissue distribution of hepatopoitin-A: A heparin-binding polypetide growth factor for hepatocytes. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 87: 1252-1256, 1990.

Rahija RJ. Factors influencing the initiation by anti(±)benzo(a)pyrene-diol-epoxide of hepatocarcinogenesis in the male F334 rat. (Doctoral dissertation) 1989.

Kaufmann, W. K., Rahija, R. J., Mackenzie, S. A., and Kaufman, D. G. Cell cycle-dependent initiation of hepatocarcinogenesis in rats by (±)-7r, 8t-dihydroxy-7,8,9,10,-tetrahydrobenzo(a)pyrene. Cancer Res 47:3771-3775,1987.

Kaufmann WK, Mackenzie SA, Rahija RJ, Kaufman DG. Quantitative relationship between initiation of hepatocarcinogenesis and altered cell island. J Cell Biochem 30:1-9, 1986.

Bellinger DA, Chang J, Bunn TD, Pick JR, Murphy M, Rahija RJ. Rabies induced in a cat by high egg passage flury strain vaccine. J Am Vet Med Assoc 183:997-998, 1983.

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