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For Referring Physicians

Refer a Patient

If you are a patient or a family member, please go to "For Patients and Families."

St. Jude offers exceptional care to eligible children and young adults with newly diagnosed, untreated or suspected diseases we treat. These include:

  • Pediatric cancer
  • HIV infections
  • Certain hematologic diseases
  • Certain genetic conditions

We also consider previously treated patients who have received treatment elsewhere depending upon clinical trial eligibility for ongoing studies, relapse studies, bone marrow transplantation protocols or Phase I-II studies. 

We accept most patients based on their eligibility to enroll in an open clinical trial


Referral contact information

Contact the Physician/Patient Referral Office to refer a child to St. Jude.

1-888-226-4343 (toll-free)


Referral Contact Form

24-hour pager: 

Our commitment to referring health care professionals

Physician/Patient Referral Office

The Physician/Patient Referral Office at St. Jude exists to support referring physicians, as well as families and parents who wish to seek treatment at St. Jude. 

Physician/Patient Referral Office


Why St. Jude

Our mission is simple: Finding cures. Saving children. We take the toughest cases. This often includes children who do not respond well to standard treatments. 

Why Refer to St. Jude

Why St. Jude


One unique benefit of St. Jude treatment is our long-term care and support for your patient. Our goal is to help every childhood cancer survivor live a full, happy and healthy life.

In our efforts to fulfill this goal, St. Jude offers follow-up and support care to patients for years after remission. We also research late effects of cancer and its treatment. This research improves the quality of life of survivors.

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