St. Jude Comprehensive Cancer Center

External Advisory Board Meeting

October 6, 2020

The links below will take you to documents that you will find useful for the EAB meeting:

Agenda and Review Assignments

The agenda for the meeting and reviewer assignments

CCSG Application and Site Visit Report

Our most recent competing renewal (2018) and the summary statement.

Breakout Sessions

Description of the planned topics that will be discussed during each breakout session and the members from the St. Jude Comprehensive Cancer Center who will be presenters or panelists in each session.

Data Tables

Data Table 2 (external funding) for the Center and by Research Program, Data Table 3 (new patient registrations), and Data Table 4 (clinical trial enrollments) for the Center and by Research Program

General Information

Contact information for issues with WebEx connectivity and audio/visual problems and for any questions that you may have throughout the day. The EAB member roster can be found here, as well as the 2019 EAB report.

Membership Rosters

List of Cancer Center members for each Research Program.

Presentation Slides

Slide decks for the general session, clinical research breakout session and the Neurobiology and Brain Tumor Program breakout session.

Neurobiology and Brain Tumor Breakout Session