LACOUT: Lactation Outcomes among Survivors of Pediatric Cancer


Long-term Effects

Eligibility Overview:

This is a non-therapeutic clinical trial open to St. Jude patients only.

Participant is a St. Jude Life or ACT (After Completion of Therapy) patient.


This study is enrolling participants who are female survivors of pediatric cancer and who have had at least one live birth. Childhood cancer treatments are known to cause late effects (after treatment) involving the endocrine system; normal lactation is dependent on cooperating factors of the endocrine system. There is concern for breastfeeding difficulties due to the possible late effects from cancer treatment in survivors of pediatric cancer and include:  failure to lactate, the inability to produce enough breast milk to feed an infant, and unplanned, unwanted weaning. This study is being undertaken because there is limited information about the burden of lactation related problems among childhood cancer survivors; knowing what factors influence successful breastfeeding will help in counseling survivors before and after pregnancy. 


Aim I

1. To examine the association between pediatric cancer histories/specific therapies and breastfeeding outcomes. 

2. To examine associations of growth hormone deficiency, hypothyroidism, diabetes mellitus and obesity and lactation outcomes (success/failure). 

Aim II

1. Compare breastfeeding outcomes between childhood cancer survivors and healthy mothers.

Inclusion criteria

1. Participant is a St. Jude Life or ACT (After Completion of Therapy) patient.

2. Participant is eighteen (18) years of age or older and has reported a live birth after childhood cancer diagnosis and treatment (currently pregnant women are eligible if they have reported a live birth after cancer diagnosis and treatment).

Exclusion criteria

1. Participant is unable to read and write.

2. Participant is unable to read and understand English.

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