About Maureen A. McGargill

Dr. McGargill has, from her PhD work at the University of Minnesota, to her postdoctoral fellowship at UCSD, continued to expand our understanding of immune cell regulation and the exquisite balance between autoimmunity and pathogen defense. Dr. McGargill is a central force in shaping the next generation of scientists at St. Jude and blazing trails for women in science – she has been recognized for her efforts in institutional, national, and international communities.

Photo of Maureen McGargill at window

Meet the Team

David Brice, PhD
  • David Brice, PhD
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate
Marygrace Duggar
  • Marygrace Duggar
  • Graduate Student
Rachael Keating, PhD
  • Rachael Keating, PhD
  • Scientist
Carly Lewis
  • Carly Lewis
  • Immunology Technician
Chun-Yang (John) Lin
  • Chun-Yang (John) Lin
  • Graduate Student
Alexandra Mandarano, PhD
  • Alexandra Mandarano, PhD
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate
Marie Wehenkel, PhD
  • Marie Wehenkel, PhD
  • Scientist
Ben Wilander
  • Ben Wilander
  • Graduate Student