General Architecture for Defining and Collecting Data (SJ-03-0005)

St. Jude Reference #SJ-03-0005


This technology provides a general architecture for users to define collection structures and entry screens through a web interface. The data defining the structures and data elements are stored within a central database.  Logic incorporated as part of the architecture allows the particular data structures and screens to be materialized from metadata at run time. This allows the data collection system to be completely configurable without the need to modify the base database architecture or software. The architecture allows multiple instances of data collection to be stored within a common data architecture.  Full implementation of security is supported. The technology has been deployed successfully at St. Jude for the collection of data from multiple clinical trial protocols in a form that minimizes the need for repetitive data entry and automatically cross-references data from related protocols or data for the same patient participating in multiple protocols.


Database, Clinical Trials, Software

Granted Patents or Published Applications

U.S. Patent No. 7,206,789

Related Scientific References

Bio-IT World, Best Practices Award, 2003, Clinical Trials Category, Best Protocol Management. Borland, Customer Application of the Year Award, 14th Annual Borland Conference, November 2003.

Licensing Opportunities

We are currently seeking licensing opportunities in the clinical field for use of an operating embodiment of this technology and in all other fields for the development and use of this technology. Contact:

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