Reverse Genetics System for Generating RNA Viruses and Vaccines (SJ-00-0006)

St. Jude Reference #SJ-00-0006


An 8 plasmid system has been developed for generating RNA viruses from cloned DNA. This system may be used to synthesize any RNA virus, preferably viruses with a negative single stranded RNA genome. This system may be used to quickly and easily generate a genetically engineered version of any RNA virus.


RNA viruses, reverse genetics, 8 plasmid system

Granted Patents or Published Applications

U.S. Patent Nos. 6,951,754 and 7,312,064; granted patents and pending applications in several countries

Related Scientific References

Hoffmann E, et al.,” Eight-plasmid system for rapid generation of influenza virus vaccines”, Vaccine 20(25-26):3165-70 (2002);

Hoffmann E and Webster RG, “Unidirectional RNA polymerase I-polymerase II transcription system for the generation of influenza A virus from eight plasmids” J Gen Virol. 81(Pt 12):2843-7 (2000).

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