Screen to Identify Pneumococcal Proteins that Inhibit Transmission Rather than Invasive Disease (SJ-18-0045)

St. Jude Reference #SJ-18-0045


Researchers at St. Jude have identified bacterial factors required for Streptococcus pneumoniae transmission, leading to a new vaccination strategy for preventing pneumonia, acute otitis media, and bacteremia. Transmission and colonization of the bacteria are both prerequisites for invasive disease. Current vaccines only target the colonization of the bacteria in its host; however, this new vaccine strategy blocks the initial transmission. Maternal vaccination with transmission factors identified by the St. Jude researchers effectively blocked transmission in offspring to a greater degree than currently available vaccines, underscoring the targeting of transmission as a means of eliminating invasive disease.


Streptococcus pneumoniae, high-throughput genetic screen, transmission, vaccine

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Rowe HM, Karlsson E, Chang TC, Opijnen T, Pounds SB, Schultz-Cherry S, Rosch JW.  Bacterial Factors Required for Transmission of Streptococcus pneumoniae in Mammalian Hosts,” Cell, 6(25): 884-891; 2019.

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