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    The Voices of HIV

    Patients with HIV ensure their voices are heard.

    Model developed to measure risk posed by fever, low white cell counts

    A model developed by St. Jude researchers is showing early promise as a tool to help physicians identify cancer patients with low white cell counts who are at greatest risk for complications when feverish.

    St. Jude researchers find pre-chewed food could transmit HIV

    Researchers have uncovered the first cases in which HIV almost certainly was transmitted from mothers or other caregivers to children through pre-chewed food.

    RSV - Mild or menacing?

    Devan Lore’s first bout with a common wintertime virus gave the toddler a weeklong runny nose and cough. While the illness was an added burden for the child, who was undergoing treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukemia, the virus soon cleared. At age 6, Devan again caught the respiratory syncytial (pronounced sin-SISH-ul) virus, or RSV. This time the results were terrifying.

    Risk factors found for RSV infection in immunocompromised children

    St. Jude investigators and collaborators have shown how to predict if a child who is infected with respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) while being treated for cancer or another catastrophic disease is at high risk for developing severe infection.