University of Paris-Diderot Graduate Program

Paris students with Dr. Martine Roussel

Paris students 2014 with their mentors Left to right: Matthieu Moncan, Fanny Roth, Clémence Thieblemont, Dr. Martine Roussel, Alicia Lardennois, Sarah Allouche, Ilan Theurillat

Since 2002, students have traveled to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital from the University of Paris – Diderot as a part of their master’s level curriculum. Students are paired with faculty and receive training in a lab over the course of five months, while working on their individual projects. They receive academic credit, a research stipend, and internship experience.

The Paris program at St. Jude is directed by Dr. Martine Roussel, Endowed Chair of Molecular Oncology, Co-Leader, Cancer Genetics, Biochemistry and Cell Biology Program in the St. Jude Comprehensive Cancer Center, and Member, Department of Tumor Cell Biology.


Dr. Martine Roussel and Paris student Ilan Theurillat

Paris student Sarah Allouche with Dr. William Evans

Paris student Alicia Lardennois with Dr. Mark Hatley

Dr. Peter Murray with Paris student Matthieu Moncan

Paris student Fanny Roth with Dr. Young-Goo Han

Paris student Clémence Thieblemont with Dr. Maureen McGargill and Dr. Marie Wehenkel

Paris students with their St. Jude mentors:
Front row, l to r: Matthieu Moncan, Fanny Roth, Clémence Thieblemont, Alicia Lardennois, Sarah Allouche, Ilan Theurillat
Back row, l to r: Dr. Peter Murray, Dr. Maureen McGargill, Dr. Mark Hatley, Dr. Bill Evans, Dr. Martine Roussel