Promise, Summer 2011


Promise cover, Summer 2011

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Life after cancer
Life After Cancer
Special Survivor Section
For many young cancer patients, surviving a childhood diagnosis is just the beginning. Many survivors experience side effects ranging from fatigue and learning problems to obesity and second cancers.
patient Zain Brown
A burden lifted - Zain Brown
Self-sufficient and resilient, Zain Brown is full of imagination and incredibly wise beyond his tender 4 years. As an only child, he has learned to make the most of precious playtime and navigate the intricacies of an unfamiliar world.
Sewing the seeds
Sowing the seeds
The St. Jude Garden provides a continuous supply of fresh vegetables for the hospital.
Thirumala-Devi Kanneganti, PhD
Busted! Foiling the inside job
Imagine realizing that a trusted security guard has burglarized your house. A similar discovery in the lab may help researchers identify novel treatments for multiple sclerosis.
patient Emily Miller Land
Breast-feeding: A healthy choice
Researchers discover that breast-feeding may ease some late effects of childhood cancer treatment.
Kevin R. Krull, PhD
Think again: Fatigue and survivors
St. Jude scientists discover that childhood cancer survivors are particularly vulnerable to the effects of fatigue and sleep deprivation.
former patient Lindsey Wilkerson
A magical partner for St. Jude
Carnival names a St. Jude survivor as godmother to its newest cruise ship and pledges $3 million to support the hospital’s work.
Eric Trump
Model of efficiency
The Eric Trump Foundation benefits St. Jude children.
Paul Sondel
Scientists helping scientists
“The field of childhood cancer research can’t be secretive. St. Jude knows that and puts it into practice.” Paul Sondel, MD, PhD
Pomp and challenging circumstances
Pomp and challenging circumstances
Rylie Wilson and 26 other students celebrated an important milestone in May when they participated in the hospital’s fourth annual kindergarten graduation.
Highlights - Promise, Summer 2011
Tailored therapy for medulloblastoma; international honor; scrapbooking therapy; hemophilia program designated; the FLIP protein; pediatric surgical oncology fellows; Mary Pinkel visits; glioblastoma mutations; alternate therapy for osteosarcoma; leukemia relapse; new MRI