Jenkins: Diagnostic pathology of pediatric solid tumors

My interest is in the diagnostic pathology of all types of pediatric solid tumors, in particular, brain tumors and soft-tissue sarcomas. The application of a large panel of immunohistochemical and molecular markers to the study of these tumors has improved our diagnostic accuracy. Additionally, correlation of this information with clinical information and diagnostic imaging findings has contributed to the accurate, appropriate treatment of children with solid tumors. Collaborative efforts are under way to study the various subtypes of medulloblastoma with the goal of identifying and defining high-risk morphologic features and correlating these findings with treatment strategies and patient outcome.

With the expansion of the St. Jude International Outreach Program and the realization of a Telemedicine/Telepathology program with Brazil, I am working with telecommunication experts in the International Outreach Program and with Dr. Basem Razzouk, Director of the Telemedicine/Telepathology Program, to plan and evaluate the use of telepathology in tumor diagnosis and in education of pathologists in outreach countries. We are evaluating both equipment and software products with the final aim of rapid exchange of information and diagnostic-quality images between outreach countries and St. Jude for teaching and diagnostic purposes.


Last update: April 2003