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Monitoring Your Patient's Progress

Referring physicians will receive regular updates on the child's progress and are welcome to call at any point with questions regarding the child's therapy or side effects. If you wish to contact your patient's St. Jude physician, call toll free 1-866-2ST-JUDE (1-866-278-5833).

After successful treatment, all patients are examined one or more times yearly for five to 10 years in the St. Jude LIFE & After Completion of Therapy Clinic Presented by Kmart (ACT Clinic). Survivors are screened for any residual disease effects or treatment sequelae, including physical, psychological, and social problems. The ACT Clinic emphasizes education of survivors about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and remaining alert for possible late effects. Also, the growing population of childhood cancer survivors enables the clinic to gather unique epidemiologic and treatment follow-up data. These findings are valuable in improving therapeutic protocols at St. Jude and in advancing pediatric cancer care in the larger community.