Patient Pharmacy

Patient Pharmacy

What does the St. Jude Pharmacy do?

Medicines are a big part of treatment for most St. Jude patients. Chances are your child will need complex and high risk medicines and might need to take many medicines at one time. St. Jude pharmacists work with you and the entire health care team to make sure your child’s medicines are right!

Pharmacy staff members carefully check and prepare all of your child’s medicines. Pharmacists also are actively involved in helping your child get the best care possible at St. Jude.

Here are some examples of what St. Jude pharmacists do every day to make sure your child’s medicines are right:

Working with your St. Jude pharmacist

A pharmacist is assigned to each patient care area (clinics and inpatient units). You should expect to meet and talk with a pharmacist if you are admitted to the hospital for care. If, at any time, you have questions or concerns about your child’s medicines, please ask to speak with the pharmacist. You also can talk to a pharmacist if you stop by the Outpatient Pharmacy on the Patient Care Center first floor (just behind the registration desks). The Outpatient Pharmacy is the main place where you will pick up your child’s take home medicines.

New patient families are scheduled for a “Pharmacy Introduction Appointment” with one of the outpatient pharmacists. This visit will help you understand how the pharmacy works at St. Jude. You will learn all the things St. Jude does to make sure your child receives medicines safely in the inpatient unit, in the clinic, and when you take medicines home. You will also learn important details about how your child should take these medicines.

Your role in helping your child use medicines safely

Parents and your child’s other caregivers play a crucial role in making sure your child uses medicines the right way. You need to know as much as you can about your child’s medicines. This will help you understand your child’s care and ensure that you know how to give your child’s medicines correctly when your child is not in the hospital. Here are some tips:

Working together with pharmacists and other St. Jude staff you can help us make sure your child’s medicines work right and cause the least possible side effects.

Pharmacy hours:

Remember: The St. Jude Pharmacy is only for St. Jude patients. If you (parent) are taking prescription medicines, remember to bring an extra supply on your trip to St. Jude just in case your stay becomes longer than expected. St. Jude cannot provide medicines for other family members.

To find out more about Pharmacy Services at St. Jude, or to learn more about your child’s medicines, call 595-2298. If you are outside the Memphis area, dial toll-free 1-866-820-2442.