Brain Tumor Parent Information

Alberto Broniscer
Why St. Jude for my child's brain tumor treatment?
St. Jude has one of the largest brain tumor programs in the country and we are devoted to providing the most up to date therapy for our patients and families. Children are not just small people. Their anatomy and physiology, and the disorders that affect them, require a specialized team to provide the optimal care, which is what you get from our brain tumor team at St. Jude.
Larry Kun
Brain tumor treatment
The extent to which the brain tumor program is integrated with other hospital areas is unique. The clinical program is a partnership between radiation oncology, hematology-oncology, neuro-biology, neuro-surgery, neuro-pathology and neuro-radiology departments. The program is supported by other services including neurology, nursing, psychology and rehabilitation.
Giles Robinson, MD, with a St. Jude patient
How to refer a brain tumor patient
Referring Physicians can contact the brain tumor program coordinator to discuss treatment options for their patients through three different routes. At St Jude, we know how important it is for families to have information about the treatments available for their children. Parents who would like to inquire about treatment options at St Jude may also contact us anytime.
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Brain tumor research
Our brain tumor team at St. Jude believes in Hope and continues striving to find a cure for childhood brain tumors. We are committed not only to pursuing cures, but also to preserving the quality of your child's life. Our physicians and basic scientists work closely together to rapidly introduce promising therapies to the clinical setting.