Laura D. Carbone, MD

Diagnostic Imaging Division, Radiological Sciences Department
Associate Professor (Tenured), Director, Metabolic Bone, Department of Medicine, University of Tennessee College of Medicine, Memphis
University of Tennessee William F. Bowld Hospital, Active Staff
The Regional Medical Center at Memphis, Active Staff
Baptist Memorial Hospital, Consultant
Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Consultant


MD - Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Medical Internship and Residency - Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, Department of Internal Medicine, 1989-1992
Rheumatology Fellowship - Robert Wood Johnson University, Division of Rheumatic and Connective Tissue Disease, New Brunswick, NJ
Rheumatology Fellowship - University of Tennessee, Memphis, TN, Division of Rheumatic and Connective Tissue Disease
MS - Epidemiology, University of Tennessee, Memphis


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Last update: September 2003