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    After the Confetti Falls

    St. Jude research doesn’t stop when treatment ends. Studies conducted by our faculty and staff are uncovering new details about the long-term issues facing childhood cancer survivors.

    St. Jude researchers shed light on measuring bone density

    Clinicians treating young males who have brain cancer might be able to make therapy safer for the developing bones of these patients.

    Researchers study dental changes

    Survivors of childhood bone marrow transplantation (BMT) whose teeth have not yet reached full maturity at the time of transplant tend to experience an increase in root stunting after this procedure.

    A better view of tumors

    A combination of diagnostic imaging tools appears to be a promising new technique for use in determining how advanced pediatric sarcomas are and in following up children who have been treated for these solid tumors.

    Childhood ALL survivors face ankle bone degeneration risk

    Children who have been successfully treated for acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) may need to routinely undergo MRI to determine if their ankle bones have started to degenerate.

    Dental Work

    Taking care of teeth is all work and no play--except at St. Jude, where laughter and compassion merge with research and clinical care.